Before I do a medical intuitive reading or distant healing on behalf of clients in other parts of the world, I connect all parts of myself to God Source.

I did this procedure just this morning, right before I did a distant healing on a man who just recently had surgery for a retinal detachment.

I am sharing for your behalf the directions on how I do that.



1. Twice a day, use kinesiology to check your energetic connections in both directions.

2. If there is any broken link, make a correction by sending a burst of energy from your third eye or with two fingers of your dominant hand to a picture or visualized image of your spine. You can either visualize your spine in front of you or use a picture of the spine to send the correction.



1) God to Higher Source

2) God to Souls

3) God to Soul

4) God to Mind

5) God to Brain

6) God to Spinal Cord

7) God to Body

8) God to DNA

9) God to Frequency

10) Higher Source to Souls

11) Higher Source to Soul

12) Higher Source to Mind

13) Higher Source to Brain

14) Higher Source to Spinal Cord

15) Higher Source to Body

16) Higher Source to DNA

17) Higher Source to Frequency

18) Souls to Soul

19) Souls to Mind

20) Souls to Brain

21) Souls to Spinal Cord

22) Souls to Body

23) Souls to DNA

24) Souls to Frequency

25) Soul to Mind

26) Soul to Brain

27) Soul to Spinal Cord

28) Soul to Body

29) Soul to DNA

30) Soul to Frequency

31) Mind to Brain

32) Mind to Spinal Cord

33) Mind to Body

34) Mind to DNA

35) Mind to Frequency

36) Brain to Spinal Cord

37) Brain to Body

38) Brain to DNA

39) Brain to Frequency

40) Spinal Cord to Body

41) Spinal Cord to DNA

42) Spinal Cord to Frequency



Discussion: In order to receive accurate intuitive information, it is necessary to get the ego mind out of the way and connect all parts of yourself to God.

This is a simple method of checking to make sure that all parts of you are connected to God Source and of setting your intention to correct any links that are broken.


Even if you are not a healer, connecting all parts of you to God Source will be of tremendous benefit. You may still experience stress, but it will feel as though you are much more in the flow of life.


Our job as healers is to show up and get our egos out of the way, allowing God Source to work through us.