Over the years, I have had many clients who could not communicate with me in usual ways.

Dogs. Cats. Babies. A woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease who had lost the ability to speak. People with degenerative brain disease. Even goats.

These individuals are usually relieved to be around me because someone finally gets what they are about.

That is because I speak to them soul to soul.


Everybody has an ego, and that ego isn’t always so pretty. People get petty. Or scared. Or they don’t want to admit that things are the way they are.


You can bypass the drama of the ego even in ordinary people if you set your intention to communicate soul to soul.


This afternoon, I was working with a person who has degenerative brain disease.

I spoke to him soul to soul, and he was very happy to be in my office. He wanted to make sure he could come back.


Little babies come in to my office (I have worked with many newborns, and with pregnant women and communicated with their babies in the womb). They stare into my eyes and laugh, as if they are happy that someone can finally get what they are really up to.


The lady with Lou Gehrig’s disease had been, quite literally, a genius. She raised children who had gone on to be Ivy League graduates, and had run a successful business. When she got to the point she could not talk, the best she could ever do was scribble a few words with great difficulty onto a yellow pad. But when I would go to her home, I would say to her, “Today, you are feeling….” and she would nod her head. Her family had sent her to an ordinary therapist, and all this dear lady could do was sit there and cry. It was a relief for her to be around someone who could read her energy.


Speaking soul to soul, in my mind, is really just an intention thing.


Sometimes it is harder with ordinary folks because so many people are over identified with their persona. They come to believe they are their job title, or their educational degrees, or whatever. But even with these people, you can silently have a conversation on a soul level that bypasses all the masks.


Speaking soul to soul is very rewarding to me. At that level, I can understand what someone is really up to. I will put my hands on a body and begin this silent conversation. Most of the time, we are all doing the very best we can.