Given that my hobbies, beading and knitting, call for me to be rounded over my projects, I am always looking for ways to balance my posture.

We all spend too much time schlumped in front of a computer or steering wheel, bending over small children or the kitchen sink.

I like the yoga eggs developed by Jason Scholder because they conform to the natural shapes of my body better than the old yoga blocks.

I put one for a pillow under my head.

Two other yoga eggs go under my ribs.

I lie back on the yoga eggs, arms at my side, chest rolled open, palms up.

I stay there at least seven minutes.

My chest opens and once again the energy is channelled into my heart and throat area.

If I want an extra boost, I bring the soles of my feet together and rest my legs in butterfly (baddha konasana) position.

In this position, I can feel a deep sense of rest and quiet.

I can stay here and allow my energy to regenerate.