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What Your Circadian Rhythms Reveal About You

When I'm doing a medical intuitive reading, one of the things I look at is whether or not you are in harmony with your own natural rhythms. Why is this so important? Your physical body, your acupuncture system and your entire life are governed by circadian rhythms....

Are You Living In Harmony With Your Natural Rhythms?

One of the key elements to be healthy is to live in harmony with your natural rhythm. The acupuncture meridian most affected by whether or not you are in balance here is the triple warmer. How do you know if you are living in harmony with your true self? For one, you...

There Is No Such Thing As Disconnected And Healthy

There are two acupuncture meridians having to do with the heart. One of them is aptly called the heart meridian. The other one has various names: the heart protector meridian, the circulation sex meridian, the pericardium meridian. This second meridian has to do with...

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