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How Gratitude and Optimism Change Your Life

If you've been wanting to feel happy without having to take anything - whether that be an antidepressant or any natural healing remedy - you will want to listen to this fantastic interview with John Robinson Jr., CEO of In this interview for the...

Joy, The True Meaning Of Success

This evening, I was having an intense discussion with one of my dearest friends about the meaning of success. I sat knitting a fuschia, hot pink and purple scarf while we were talking. This was the second scarf of the evening, followed by the teal and gold threaded...

Always Choose The Best Possible Thought

How you think affects your energy level. If you are chronically fatigued, it may be because you are allowing negative thoughts to rule your mind. There are times in our lives that are - no way around it - very very challenging. A death, a divorce, loss of a job. Those...

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