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What Is Dead Pelvis Syndrome?

Dead Pelvis Syndrome is an energetic imbalance in your pelvis caused by a block, congestion, resistance or interference that may lead to physical, energetic, emotional, mental and/or spiritual disorders. Dead Pelvis Syndrome was identified by Dr. Adrian...

Medical Intuitive Healer Catherine Carrigan on UK Health Radio Today

  Join Catherine Carrigan on the Natural Healing Radio Show today at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST as she discusses medical intuition and natural healing with host Yara Ghrewati. You can listen to the one-hour radio show via this link: at the...

The Top 6 Psychic Causes of Suffering

As they say, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I deal with many left-brain, highly explainable solutions for suffering. You take a rest, you improve your diet, you take up a therapeutic yoga program to heal your...

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