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Stop The Habit Of Living Through Your Victim

  One of the greatest influences in my life was my professor from Brown, Kermit Champa. Kermit Champa was chairman of the Art History Department at Brown University. He was one of the most brilliant minds I have ever known. He was also devastatingly handsome. He was...

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Throughout my lifetime, I have been incredibly blessed to have great teachers.   I still email my high school biology teacher, George Sellers. I have lost touch with Ellen Ramsey who read all my poems in high school. My college professor, Kermit Champa, chairman...

Thank God I Am A Yoga Teacher

It is one of my primary beliefs that if you truly want to be great at something you have to be a life-long learner.   That means to me personally that I am humble enough to keep re-examining my skills and knowledge, always looking for the next edge.   I have...

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Catherine Carrigan

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