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What Your Circadian Rhythms Reveal About You

When I'm doing a medical intuitive reading, one of the things I look at is whether or not you are in harmony with your own natural rhythms. Why is this so important? Your physical body, your acupuncture system and your entire life are governed by circadian rhythms....

How Energy Actually Flows In Your Body

When you look for true, long-lasting relief, you want to rid yourself of the origin of your suffering. Here’s the way I look at the flow of energy in your body from the point of view of a medical intuitive. How I See Your Pranamayakhosha, Or Energy Body Energy enters...

Understanding The Energy Flow Between Organs And Muscles

Many times, in fact MOST times, when people have a muscle pain they just think they have a problem with a muscle. It is very important to understand the flow of energy between organs and muscles. The energy flow in the body goes like this: Energy enters the body...

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Catherine Carrigan

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