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Your Emotional Anatomy: How Emotions Affect Your Muscles

"The wound is the place where light enters you." Rumi What's The Emotion? When you get a pain the neck, is it really a problem with your cervical vertebrae, your anterior neck flexors, your posterior neck extensors or have you simply gotten stuck in your emotions? As...

Don Wetsel, Healer Extraordinaire

This is my friend Don Wetsel, healer extraordinaire. I just came back from Fairfield, Virginia, where I was sharpening my saw. All the people I know who are great healers are ALWAYS studying. We take classes endlessly. We read book after book about healing and...

Understanding The Energy Flow Between Organs And Muscles

Many times, in fact MOST times, when people have a muscle pain they just think they have a problem with a muscle. It is very important to understand the flow of energy between organs and muscles. The energy flow in the body goes like this: Energy enters the body...

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