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A Surprising Way You Can Combat Global Warming and Improve Your Health At the Same Time

 Did you know that switching to organic gardening and improving the health of the soil in your garden could combat global warming? You may have already heard that avoiding toxic chemicals in your garden like Roundup, a.k.a. glyphosate, is critical to avoiding cancer....

Don’t Ask What The Penguins Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For The Penguins

On my recent trip to Antarctica, I was blessed to see three of the 17 kinds of penguins: Magellanic penguins Gentoo penguins Chinstrap penguins If you asked me which ones I thought were the cutest, I would have to say, "ALL of the above!" Worldwide, there are 17...

Please! Get Rid of the Roundup If You Want To Be Healthy

I have been working very hard recently to help one of my clients overcome a terrible head-to-toe skin rash. She would break out literally head to toe, itching terribly, before we started working together. As a result of our work together, she cleaned up her diet. In...

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