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How to Recycle Your Clothes to Boost Self Esteem, Save Money & Save the Planet

 You’re doing your best to eat a clean diet, make an effort to recycle your garbage and are doing all you know to live a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that recycling your clothes can boost your self esteem, improve your health, save money and reduce pollution that...

How To Build Your Self Esteem

There are many cases of illness, personal challenge or life difficulty where building or rebuilding your self esteem is an essential part of your healing process. The five cases that come to mind for me include: Cancer Any chronic illness where the sufferer has been...

Wabi-Sabi, Discovering The Beauty Of Imperfect Things

I was out in my garden this morning, working on my fall clean up before planting. I love my garden for 101 reasons. Reason for today: Gardening teaches me so much about the natural cycles of life. When we garden, we are constantly making mistakes, even if we don't...

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