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The Power Of The Bath

I am a big believer in the therapeutic value of healing baths. For years, I have grown herbs in my garden and given them to my clients so that they could go home, boil the herbs and then include the tinctures in their baths, along with Epsom salts, to remedy various...

Take Care Of Your Brain Chemistry

One of the most important things we can do as we age is to take care of our brain chemistry. What are some of the signs you may have depleted brain chemistry?   Sensitivity to emotional or physical pain Cry easily Worry, anxiety, phobia or panic Difficulty...

Do You Eat Well Enough To Maintain Your Energy When It Counts?

Yesterday, my friend Rochel Parker, a Feng shui master, and I went to the G&LW gem and lapidary show in Franklin, North Carolina. Making jewelry is my hobby. Most of the earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I make I give away, but if I ever sell anything, I give...

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Catherine Carrigan

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