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How To Wrap Your Shoulders Using Yoga Eggs

Teaching movement is not like teaching physics, art history, philosophy, mechanics or psychology, even though the practice of exercise may include some or all of these elements. The first step in teaching movement is to be able to do a headstand, pushup, pull up,...

Change The Way You Stand, Change Everything

I have a few opinions about what I do. Just a few. If I am working with your physical body, I feel that if I can change the way you stand, I can change everything. Some people try to change the way you sit, the way you think or the way you feel. All these are good and...

Posture Training With Lillah Schwarz And Yoga Eggs

I’m a nut about great posture. That’s because you can’t get rid of chronic back pain or just about any other chronic pain through energy healing alone. I am a great believer in an integrated approach to health. Fitness, nutrition and natural healing - that’s the...

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