One of the things I have been paying attention to a lot recently is the phenomenon of projection.


If you feel happy on the inside, you will look around at the world and find 100 reasons to be even happier.


If you feel angry on the inside, you will look around and find 100 things that piss you off.


If you feel sad or despondent, the world appears to be coming to an end, nothing ever seems to work out just right, the economy is in a recession, other people are always appearing to lose their jobs or get sick. Life just appears to you to be one big struggle.


Many times people think that the work that I do with them is superficial.


Shouldn’t they be spending their money on something more important – say fixing their roof or saving for their children’s college education?


But here is the truth.


If you take care of how you feel on the inside, you are actually doing your loved ones a huge favor.


When you feel good, you will be less likely to be pissed off, ticked off, find things to argue with them about, cry over, drink too much and get unreasonable about, become a prescription drug addict that the rest of the family has to tiptoe around.


When you feel good, you will be more likely to be a contributor. You will have the energy to listen well when your friends or family members are having a bad day. You can sit quietly, keep your heart open and not take on their issues.


When you have plenty of energy because you have been taking care of yourself, you will have the pizazz to fix dinner, pick up the kids, have sex, go to a party. In fact, when you have plenty of energy, you can turn everybody else around by your sheer presence.


Take care of yourself on the inside because it’s precisely what you are going to find on the outside.


Who you are is what you actually end up seeing.


Once you get this deep truth, there is nothing whatsoever superficial about eating well, exercising regularly, resolving your old emotional baggage, spending money on vitamins, getting out of physical pain and making the effort to be a healthy person.


Next time you feel there is something wrong out there with the world, be honest with yourself and ask yourself how YOU are feeling.


Get real, then go for a walk, dust off your juicer, take a nap, go home from work on time, make an appointment to deal with your stress and go inside and really sort yourself out. What is healing? Getting congruent on the inside.