Every evening when I teach yoga, I always begin the class by asking my students three thing: their name, how they are feeling in their mind and body and what they would like out of the class.

Based on what I hear, I compose my class on the spot.

Last night, my yoga teacher Alba asked for help healing her shoulders.

Alba Adrian loves babies. Her entire career, she has either been a nanny or a caretaker for little babies. But at the end of the day, after she has been carrying the 18-pound ones all day long, her arms and shoulders get quite tired.

So when Alba asked for help, I immediately began teaching a class based on Thai yoga massage.

The photograph you see above shows me demonstrating the rolling pin technique on Alba’s upper trapezius muscle.

Most people are incredibly tight in this area!

Everyone loved the class.

After releasing tension in the shoulders, I continued by teaching Thai yoga massage for the back, hips and head.

We finished the class with legs against the wall pose, everyone feeling deeply relaxed.

I enjoy teaching a great variety of poses, from the very challenging to the super fun to the deeply healing.

In this way, I never get bored.

Alba has been studying yoga with me for 17 years. Because we are always evolving our yoga practice, exploring different poses and various aspects of yoga, we are never bored and always happy.