In case you were wondering:

I had gotten my new book, What Is Healing: Awaken Your Intuitive Powers For Health and Happiness, all the way through the copy editing process. I was at the point where I could have gone ahead and self published.

However, a funny thing happened along the way.

I couldn’t figure out how to use a feature in my Microsoft Word editing program, so I had to give the copy editor, Thomas Hill, a ring to ask him to explain to me how to use it.

We ended up having a discussion about my book.

Thomas said he felt that my book needed more work.

Now the last thing you want to hear when you have already worked very very hard is that you need even MORE work.

However, I went off by myself and asked for guidance.

Even though I did not want to do more work, my guidance told me that Thomas could make my book between 25 and 30 percent better.

So, I agreed to MORE work.

This process has consisted so far in Thomas reading my manuscript and pointing out places where I need further elaboration. We have also had three phone conversations to date where we discussed the manuscript and how to go about making it better.

After my first conversation with Thomas, I knew I had made the right choice.

Thomas Hill has 15 years experience as a professional editor.

In the past four years, he moved to Cody, Wyoming, to be closer to Yellowstone Park. He says he is about 20 minutes from Yellowstone and can go for a hike whenever he feels like it.

So far, his questions to me, although quite challenging at times, have encouraged me to dig deeper, to find the emotions in myself and to have the courage to express my untold stories.

Throughout my life, I have always had a great relationship with all my editors and have been so incredibly grateful for how, over the years, they have saved me from my bad self, picking up my big and small errors and setting me on the right path.

You can find out more about Thomas and his excellent work at

Just this morning, I had a big breakthrough thanks to Thomas.

I am hoping very soon that we can all – writer and readers alike – be able to appreciate his fine work!