People sometimes ask me how I have been able to achieve such success as an author. I am about to share with you how and why!

On Amazon my most recent book, Banish the Blues Nowreached:

  • No. 1 New Release in Popular Psychology and Medicine
  • No. 1 in Psychology and Medicine
  • No. 1 New Release in Alternative Medicine Reference
Banish the Blues No. 1 Psychology and Medicine

Banish the Blues No. 1 Psychology and Medicine

I’m happy to say that this is my third Amazon No. 1 best seller, after What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness and Unlimited Energy Now

"Banish the Blues Now No. 1 New Release Popular Psychology and Medicine"

Banish the Blues Now No. 1 New Release Popular Psychology and Medicine

Here’s my amazing dream team and all their contact information. If you are a serious author, contact them and be sure to tell them, “Catherine Carrigan sent me!”

  • Ramajon Cogan. Contact email: Rama created the beautiful cover using the photograph I took of my Paphiopedilum Haynaldianum orchid. Rama is like a general contractor. He can help you produce your book through all the phases up to and including publication. On top of all that, Rama really cares about authors. He wants to see you succeed and always has a moment to walk you through your next step.
  • Tony Kessler. Contact email: Light years ago, in another galaxy far far away, I made a small living as a newspaper reporter. I got to know Tony as an incredibly insightful and kind managing editor. After publishing Unlimited Energy NowI sent Tony a copy in hopes of convincing him to edit Banish the Blues NowTony told me his favorite error in Unlimited Energy Now was “junk good” for “junk food.” No writer’s ego survives without an editor who can save us from ourselves!
  • Greg Keesey. Contact email: Most of us authors get totally overwhelmed even thinking of doing anything technical on the internet. I remember the first time I talked to Greg I was so nervous I started stuttering! Greg can speak two languages: geek and nervous author. His patience and kindness knows no bounds.
  • Scott Smith. Contact email: Scott’s expertise is search engine optimization. In layman’s terms, he gets you to the front page of Google. If you run a business, whether you know it or not, you need Scott. His goal is nothing short of changing the world by connecting people who need help with the companies and services who can improve their lives.
  • Denise Cassino. Contact email: Denise was recommended to me by my dear friend Maxine Taylor, author of not just one but seven Amazon No. 1 best sellers. Denise has magical powers and understands how to market your book on Amazon better than anybody I know. I listened to a webinar on book marketing recently and the host asked another expert what he would do if he had to sell a lot of books. The interviewee, an editor and book cover designer, replied, “I would hire Denise Cassino!”
  • Robin Charlsen. Contact email: If you chat with Robin on the phone you might think you are listening to Denise. They are sisters! Robin is the Twitter guru. Nowadays in 2015 if you want to succeed as an author you have to suck it up and get friendly with Twitter. That’s the way you easily reach people all over the world who need to hear what you have to say. Robin helps you to do that.
  • Steve Piper. Contact email: Steve Piper produced the audiobook version of Banish the Blues Now , which is available for you to download for a mere $6.08. Narrator Holly Parsons sat in a steaming studio in Phoenix this July to bring this book to all those commuters who don’t have time to sit and read an actual book. Steve took exquisite care with every detail and produced an audiobook I am sure you will come to listen to again and again.
  • Last but not least, Tom Bird. You can sign up for a Tom Bird workshop on his website. Even though my goal is to write every day just like I try to exercise daily, I still like to go to the Tom Bird writing workshops because Tom knows how to get a book out of you better than anybody. I had an 18-year bout of unrelenting writer’s block before attending my first Tom Bird workshop in Atlanta in 2012. Tom helps you to get over your bad self and get the thing on paper for God’s sake. I know so many people who tell me they are “researching” their book, or “writing” their book, which basically translated into unresolved inner conflict and no book. If you want to dither around, continue with your procrastination, otherwise get thee to a Tom Bird workshop. You sit down, shut up and get it done.
"Banish the Blues Now No. 1 Alternative Medicine Reference"

Banish the Blues Now No. 1 Alternative Medicine Reference