As a medical intuitive healer, part of what I do is identify and clear your beliefs that have been holding you back.

This coming Wednesday, Jan. 24, I’ll be giving a talk to the Enlightened Collective to empower you to identify and clear the core beliefs that have held you back from financial success.

When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 24

Where: The Enlightened Collective

Little 5 Points Community Center

Room 005

The corner of Euclid and Austin Avenue in Atlanta

1083 Austin Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Where to park: Free in the center’s lot that has an entrance on Euclid Avenue

Cost: FREE

So where do the beliefs that hold you back come from:

  1. Your mother. What did your mother tell you about money?
  2. Your father. What did you learn about money from your father?
  3. Your culture. What were the expectations you were trained to have about money from the society you grew up in? Were you entitled to it, did you have to marry into it, did you have to steal for it, did you have to be smart to get it?
  4. Your own personal history. What has been your personal history of making money, managing money and having money?

When you can answer these questions in depth, you can begin to identify some of the beliefs that I can empower you to clear through my healing work.

I have an entire manual to clear money beliefs and teach an entire weekend workshop to clear the subconscious programs that have sabotaged your success in money and business.

Although you would think that money and natural healing have nothing in common, I have found that:

  1. If you don’t heal your relationship with money you will be living in survival mode and constantly stressed no matter how fat your bank account.
  2. Healthy and wealthy people have the same thought processes. I had an entire chapter devoted to this subject in my 8th book, The Difference Between Pain and Suffering.
  3. Money issues frequently hold people back from experiencing radiant health.
  4. Many people feel they have to trade their health for money. If this is your belief, you will be literally killing yourself to make a living. Wouldn’t you rather have a different experience?

Based on my 24 years of experience in natural healing, these are the five core beliefs you must embrace to heal your relationship with money:

  1. I now act my age when I deal with money. Because most people’s money beliefs got developed before you were 5 years old, most people do not act like adults when they deal with money. Do you deserve money? Are you good enough/smart enough/pretty enough/have enough to have money? When you can act like an adult when you deal with money you will ultimately have the upper hand in financial transactions because most people will be acting from their childhood insecurities.
  2. I live within my means. No matter how much income you create, if you live beyond your means you will experience debt. Debt keeps your energy trapped in the past and keeps you sucking energy out of your future. You can barely tread water in the present moment if you are burdened by debt. One of the most basic spiritual principles is to live in the NOW. If you are trapped by debt, you will have difficulty living in the moment.
  3. I have completed the cycle of living out my mother’s money programs. Whether you are a man or a woman, your mother may have imprinted her money beliefs onto you. If you are a woman, you may have inherited typical female fears about money from your mother.
  4. I have completed the cycle of living out my father’s money programs. Because you develop your core beliefs from your parents, you must be careful to identify precisely what your father believed about money. If you are a man, you may have inherited typical male fears about money from your father.
  5. I am under no law but God’s law. If you are operating out of societal programming, you will be subject to the ups and downs of the national and world economy. When you connect all of your energy up to God, knowing and experiencing that you are under no laws but those made by God, you can create your own economy no matter what other people around you are experiencing.

Need help identifying and clearing the beliefs that are holding you back in any area of your life? Make an appointment today for a medical intuitive healing by calling 678-612-8816 or emailing

Your subconscious mind reveals the truth about what you are thinking, feeling and manifesting.

What is healing? Healing happens when you identify and clear your limiting beliefs.