When I do a medical intuitive reading, I read the five levels of healing.

What are your five levels of healing?

  • Your physical body. This is where you improve your nutrition and take advantage of physical therapies such as exercise, chiropractic, massage and other forms of body work.
  • Your energy body. This is where you receive energy healing such as Reiki and practice pranayama breath work, acupuncture and acupressure as well as rebuilding your chakras and hara line.
  • Your emotional body. At this level you don’t just talk about the way you feel. You identify and resolve the core emotional issues that have caused you to be sick, going all the way back through time to when the issues began.
  • Your mental body. Here you reframe your thoughts and beliefs.
  • And finally, last but not least, your spiritual body. This includes quantum healing, past life regression and integration, releasing negative spiritual energies, clearing wounded spirit, completing karmic contracts, resolving vows of suffering and finally the simple but profoundly helpful tools of prayer and meditation. At this level you call on your angels, power animals and other spiritual guides.

Why is it so important for you to understand what’s going on in these five levels?

Although when you think of your body you may think of your physical self, if you are experiencing pain and suffering, all five levels of your true self are being affected.

One level may affect the other.

For example, your emotions may shut down your energy body, which in turn may affect the way you feel physically.

If you want to experience complete and effective healing, you must identify and resolve your issues on all five levels.

This is why a medical intuitive reading can be so profoundly helpful.

You may have been doing a very good job addressing the issues on one level – for example, you may have been visiting doctors and chiropractors and physical therapists – but getting nowhere in terms of resolving your pain and suffering because you do not understand how all these five levels work together.

And this is why my healing work can be so profoundly and rapidly helpful as I use kinesiology to determine the level or levels that need addressing and use a huge menu to resolve your issues.

The concept of five levels of healing did not originate with me.

I began to perceive in this way due to my 20 years of teaching yoga and reading yogic philosophy.

In yoga philosophy, the five levels of healing are referred to as koshas:

Annamaya kosha, your physical body, is literally translated as “the body of food.” That’s why the old adage goes “you are what you eat.”

The well being of your physical body is directly affected by the quality of your nutrition and how you exercise.

I teach you the best foods to raise your vitality, which foods have been making you sick and how to stretch and strengthen to restore balance to your muscles, bones and structural alignment.

Pranamaya kosha, your energy body, includes your chakras, your acupuncture meridians and your breath.

Energy healing can address the imbalances at this level, as I can clear out and rebuild and balance your chakras as well as your hara line, the main vertical electrical current bringing energy to your whole being through the subtle channels of acupressure.

Pranayama breath work, such as Eight Minutes to Inner Peace which I demonstrate in FREE videos at this link, can be profoundly helpful. 

Manomaya kosha, is literally translated as mind but is best thought of as your emotional body.

I use kinesiology to determine the emotion or feelings plural that have set up negative vibrational patterns in your body and the age or ages these patterns began.

Every feeling you experience either lifts your entire being or weighs you down.

Although talking about your feelings can be helpful, if all you do is talk you simply reinforce and possibly amplify the vibrational pattern.

You must resolve your emotions and shift to a more positive way of feeling in order to stop being sick.

Vijnanamaya kosha, is your wisdom sheath, although if you are thinking negatively on any given subject you may in fact be requiring greater depths of insight.

As you identify and reframe negative thought patterns you can perceive and experience your life from a more helpful perspective.

Anandamaya kosha, is translated as your body of bliss, although in fact your soul may in fact be suffering mightily.

This is the eternal part of you and the aspect of yourself that may have carried forth issues from past lives.

This is the most profound level of your entire body to heal.


  • Because your spiritual body, the anandamaya kosha, controls your mind
  • Your mind, the vijnanamaya kosha, directs your emotions
  • Your emotions, your manomaya kosha, affect your energy
  • Your energy system dictates your annamaya kosha, your physical body

That is why you may have  been doing a great job taking care of yourself say for example on the physical level but still be suffering tremendously because you have not resolved the issues on any of these other levels.

You may be carrying forward past life vows or karma that have caused you to suffer mightily, be thinking negatively, experiencing tremendous emotional turmoil and have shut down your energy system through improper breathing.

Your entire well being is one big hologram with each level affecting the other.

To read more about your five levels of healing, I recommend my Amazon No. 1 bestseller, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness. 

What is healing? Healing happens when you address what is really going on in the five levels of healing.