I can talk left brained-talk as well as anybody.

I am always studying, reading and learning from the very best teachers I can find.

It is fun for me to learn about all sorts of things. I learn about better ways to teach yoga, smarter ways to heal the metabolism, faster ways to effect profound personal healing. I actually run lab tests with some of my clients and wow you with appreciation for long columns of boring numbers.

But there is a big difference between knowing about something and actually knowing.


You can look up the ingredients in chocolate for instance. I eat chocolate virtually every day and am well fueled to write this article as I just had my daily dose.


You can list all the rationalizations about why chocolate is actually good for you (say, you could do the same thing about virtually anything you have an addiction to), but that doesn’t mean you actually know chocolate.


To know something is to have a direct experience of it.


To know something is to receive divine communication about it.


I most especially know that I am receiving divine communication if the information I am receiving seems to drop out of nowhere, be hardly connected to anything I am thinking or asking about. In fact, oftentimes the more off the wall, inconvenient or out of place the information seems to be, the more accurate it actually is and the more I need to pay attention to it.


Last year, I did a medical intuitive reading with a lady in Tokyo just two days after an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. The authorities weren’t talking much. I told her that she had already been exposed to radiation and that her best course would be to move to the U.S. if she possibly could.


At the time, this information sounded brash, I am quite sure. She did not take kindly to it. In fact, she treated me as if I were a little odd. She was quite the researcher, and she had been spending as much time as she could reading on the internet about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


A few days later, she packed up herself and two cats and moved south to stay with relatives.


I contacted a friend in Scotland who makes flower essences, Don Dennis of www.healingorchids.com. I asked him if he knew of any energy remedy to help people deal with the radiation that no one was actually officially, scientifically talking about yet. Don actually invented an essence to help the people of Japan deal with the radiation leaks, Energy Matrix Protection. He sent some to the lady in Japan I had been talking to as a gift.


I am a prophetic and my primary psychic gift is the gift of psychic knowing.


This is the fastest, most encompassing of all the psychic gifts. I receive advance warnings oftentimes way ahead before anybody may actually be ready to receive the information.


Your center for psychic knowing is the crown of your head. You can visualize a large funnel above your head, with information coming in from the universe.


Simply put, since every molecule in the universe is connected to every other molecule, all information is everywhere knowable at any given time.


This is yet another brash statement to make.


You can study, you can take courses, you can read books, watch videos, listen to lectures, hire great teachers to tutor you and then you will know about something.


But to really know something, you have to ask for guidance, sit with yourself and paradoxically take a leap of faith. What you hear, see, know and feel is real knowledge precisely because it is not coming from your ego, from anybody else’s ego interpretation, but from universal God Source consciousness itself.


As Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., author of Power Vs. Force says, the block to spiritual development is actually reason itself.


A good exercise to do is every night, get out your journal. Write down what it is that you know about yourself.


You could start with the easy stuff, like the fact that you love what you do, you live in a good neighborhood, have a faithful spouse, that your dog loves you and that you will probably be able to eat breakfast tomorrow morning.


The next step is to focus on your attention on subjects you may be even a little worried about.


What do you know about that?


Is someone you think is your friend really your friend? Is your business really on solid ground or not? Are you really headed in the right direction in your career, your personal life or do you need to take another path?


Just see what you actually know.


If you get stuck, continue to focus on the energy funnel above your head.


Focus just above that area, visualize the funnel open and clear. Imagine blowing away any cobwebs. Brush away any energetic debris with your mind. Look, listen, feel and pay attention.


Keep a record of what you know about yourself and in a few months, look back and you will probably be amazed.


The more you practice knowing for yourself, the more clear you will get. It is actually harder to be neutral about yourself than it is to be objective and see clearly for other people.


I would make an analogy about this.


Anybody can tell other people to eat better, to lift weights, meditate or practice yoga regularly. But it’s quite another thing to have the personal discipline to practice these things quietly for yourself. Then you will really know about what it means to be a healthy person, rather than just knowing about. Do the heavy lifting yourself, then you can really own it.


I know all about how hard it is to practice yoga, as I practiced just this morning all by myself.


I always laugh when someone tells me they think yoga is easy.


I have been teaching yoga 16 years and I still don’t think it’s easy.


I was studying yoga in Asheville just a few weeks ago and my yoga teacher taught me how to go deeper in a pose and I said, “Oh my God, this is so hard.”


I know as soon as someone says it that person hasn’t actually done yoga, or had a regular personal practice. If someone tells me that it’s easy to do yoga then I know they are all invested in knowing about rather than actually knowing.


The hardest thing in the world is to face your own resistance as a human being, and that goes not just for following a health routine but also to having faith in your own guidance.


We all grasp for the sign posts. Read the news, see which way the wind is blowing, ask our friends for opinions and study study study, but this is not really actually knowing, which can only come from within.


One of the things I like to do is keep a journal of my intuitive guidance, then go back months later and reread the information I received.


I am rarely disappointed as I can see for myself that spirit has been taking care of me all along. Whether you call it God, Jesus, your angels – take your pick. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I just want to speak truth in a way that will bypass your ego and go directly to speaking to your soul.


Your ego can know all about everything and you can feel quite self satisfied.


Or, on the other hand, you can keep yourself truly open and be continually amazed and wowed by what you are able to know.