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The Difference Between Pain and Suffering: My 8th Book & 6th Amazon No. 1 Bestseller

Posted on Sep 8, 2017 by in Blog | 2 comments

The Difference Between Pain and Suffering by Catherine Carrigan

Just published: The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, My 8th Book & 6th Amazon No. 1 Bestseller.

The Difference Between Pain and Suffering is a complete handbook for hope and healing for pain relief without drugs. Written by medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan, this book outlines tips you can follow to restore your health naturally. Drug overdose is now the No. 1 cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. Learn how to feel good without opioids or over-the-counter medication.

  • Your Physical Body: Learn how to heal pain through nutrition, yoga, posture exercise, restorative movement, juices and smoothies and food healing.
  • Your Energy Body: Take advantage of the hidden secrets of your chakras, energy healing, Reiki, balancing your acupuncture meridians and breathing exercises.
  • Your Emotional Body: Release the emotional stress behind your suffering, overcome your broken heart, understand the messages from your body and let go of the payoffs for chronic pain.
  • Your Mental Body: Change your story to think like a rich and healthy person.
  • Your Spiritual Body: Raise your vibration past pain and suffering and learn how to comfort others when all you have to give is love.

This book includes an appendix with 41 therapeutic yoga exercises, charts and directions on how to balance your own acupuncture meridians and recipes for radiant health.

On Thursday, Sept. 7, Difference Between Pain and Suffering went to No. 1 in new releases in Medicine & Psychology on Amazon.
The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, No. 1 New Release in Medicine & Psychology on Amazon

The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, No. 1 New Release in Medicine & Psychology on Amazon

Today, Friday, Sept. 8, it went to No. 1 in new releases in Alternative Medicine Reference.

The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, No. 1 New Release in Alternative Medicine Reference on Amazon

The Difference Between Pain and Suffering, No. 1 New Release in Alternative Medicine Reference on Amazon

Here are a few early reviews from readers:

“No one else could write a better book on ‘The Difference Between Pain and Suffering’ than Catherine Carrigan. Her passion and expertise jumps off the pages and gives you clear, concise explanations of pain versus suffering. She’s able to articulate the difference in a way that no other author can effectively express as she does. She truly is a remarkable motivator and positive medical intuitive healer. This book has saved me lots of time and money. I don’t trust anybody else with my body other than Catherine. She is simply the best and so is this book.”

Tarryn Hoff, Tarryn the Traveling Trainer

“I picked up this book when I was in a tremendous amount of physical pain. In using the exercises both physically and spiritually, the pain lifted. There is a difference between pain and suffering and this book does an excellent job of breaking down hidden truths to lessen or eliminate suffering. Still to this day I use the affirmations when/if I feel it coming on or if I need a boost. Catherine’s tips may not always “make sense” to you, and yet if you give them a try, you will see how they can work. The only thing you have to lose is pain! A must read!”
Lee Morea

“There is SO much good information in this book.  I just want to screen shot each page so I can go back and remind myself of stuff. The juicing for your ailments section can not be missed. The information is pure gold!”
Emily Raiber 
Coming soon: An audiobook version read by Holly Parsons and produced by Mike Gustin as well as an e-book.
Many thanks to my fabulous team:
  • Tony Kessler, editor
  • Ramajon Cogan, book cover design and layout
  • Diane Fulmer, photographer
  • Denise Cassino, Amazon marketing specialist
  • Holly Parsons, audiobook reader
  • Mike Gustin, audiobook producer

We all put our heart and soul into this book. To order your copy today, please visit the book page on Amazon at this link.

To watch a video interview about the new book, please see my talk with Jean Adrienne:




  1. Congratulations, Catherine, on yet another triumph! You are astounding!

    • Thank you so much for reading my blog Susan Adair Harris! As an author yourself, you know how much work goes into producing a book! I am thankful for the team of wonderful folks who help me with my books. I couldn’t do it without them! Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

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