One of my great pleasures as a medical intuitive healer is to empower couples to overcome the blocks, congestion, resistance or interference to conception.

In other words, I have ended up being a fertility sleuth to many determined mothers-to-be.

Like many businesses, things go in trends.

All of a sudden I find myself talking mostly to women (and occasionally their partners, or to their women about what their partners need to do) regarding fertility.

The first baby I helped to be born is now six years old. His mother suffered a traumatic miscarriage and feared she would not be able to become pregnant. I tell his mother (a regular client of mine) that he should become president one day as he is now just so darn healthy and smart.

His younger brother, who I also worked with while in the womb, is now four years old. I can remember listening to the soul of the little brother tell me that he wanted his mother to bring black and white toys to the hospital where he was to be born. He wanted to start playing immediately!

In both cases, I was able to determine the constitutional remedy for each child, which told their mother a lot about their personality even before she met them.

I have done healing with their mother and the two little boys not only preconception and in the womb but also as young children. It is such a joy for me to see little creatures their parents once thought were not possible!

Another client who had suffered years without her period is now the proud, happy mother of yet another very healthy boy. Few parents feel such a sense of achievement – she worked probably 10 years to overcome serious health challenges before she could become pregnant.

And yet another client who I empowered to resolve digestive issues suddenly discovered that she had become so much improved that her third child is on the way.

Similarly but differently, a client in Colorado who does healing work with horses is officiating today at the artificial insemination of one of her mares. She sent me photographs of the mare, the mustang the mare is in love with and healthy cells that she hoped would lead to their own baby horse.

And three other ladies are working with me long distance to resolve their blocks to conceiving their own happy, healthy babies.

In all cases, I do a medical intuitive reading to uncover the specific challenges and recommend actions the ladies can take to become pregnant.

If you have been struggling with fertility, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Get healthy. Resolve all your underlying health issues as best you are able. You are more likely to become pregnant if you have excellent chi. If you are not easily becoming pregnant and are of the age of conception, more than likely there is an issue you have overlooked.
  2. Stop alcohol, soy products and caffeine, all of which can reduce your fertility.
  3. Stop high intensity exercise where your heart rate exceeds 100 bpm on a continuous basis. In other words, stop boot camps, running, spinning classes and switch to yoga, tai chi and qi gong.
  4. Reduce your stress. The stress hormone cortisol produces a phenomenon called cortisol steal. When you are highly stressed, your cortisol steals the mother hormones that would otherwise make all your reproductive hormones. Include some form of stress management every day.
  5. Dramatically improve the quality of the food you eat. Recognize that you make a baby based on everything you have eaten in the past three years.
  6. Eliminate not only caffeine, alcohol and soy but also hydrogenated fats, commercial fried foods, cigarettes, legal and illegal drugs, soft drinks and white flour. Although it’s obvious that these foods may affect the mother, they also affect the quality of sperm in the father.
  7. Eat oysters and pumpkin seeds, which contain high levels of zinc, that will boost your fertility. Consume meat, fish oils, fatty fish, cows milk if your body can process it, wild salmon, butter, coconut oil, bone broths and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  8. Say a daily prayer asking that you and your partner be blessed with the soul of the baby who will bring balance, harmony, peace and joy to your family.
  9. Resolve all mental/emotional issues you may have about becoming a parent and bringing a child into this world. It is a great privilege to have a body and to be incarnated. Often these issues are unconscious or have been suppressed. If you feel that the world is a threatening, unfriendly place you may not wish to bring in another soul to experience it.
  10. Consider the sum total of your lifestyle. If all you do is work right now and you think your life is already stressful, just wait! Having a child takes up more energy and attention than you could possibly imagine. Pull back from your work and create the space not only for your new baby but also for your partnership and family.

These healings have been happening during a time when experts say women in our country are having fewer kids. The total fertility rate – the average number of children women have during their child-bearing years, fell to 1.86 in the U.S., the lowest rate in 27 years.

What is healing? Healing happens when we recognize that bringing another soul into the world is a great privilege for all concerned. Joy, joy, joy! The meaning of our lives is to bring joy to the world.