As you consider how to pick yourself up and move forward after the last year we have all just survived – after the losses, after the grief, after the chaos – the first step is compassion.

Whenever we face life threatening challenges such as:

  • Loss of health
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of financial stability 
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Loss of our habitual ways of living

We are thrown into survival mode.

When you are in survival mode, you operate out of your amygdalae – the fight, flight or freeze part of your brain.

When you live in fight, flight or freeze you may find yourself:

  • Feeling like you have to fight for every dollar you earn
  • Fleeing what you perceive to be major threats to your well-being 
  • Stuck, frozen and unable to move forward
  • Seemingly at odds with everyone and everything in the world around you
  • Feeling like the universe is a not very friendly place
  • Unable to access your soul guidance.

Survival mode – such as many of us experienced in 2020 when we were literally stuck in the boxes of our homes – brings out the worst in human beings.

You may have fallen back into addictions to self soothe – eating too much, drinking too often, taking drugs legal or illegal. 

You may have found yourself unable to think straight.

You may have found yourself feeling so stressed that any regular routine of self care simply went out the window.

When you operate out of the survival regions of your brain you are unable to access your frontal lobes where you can think logically, remember all you have learned or make plans to move ahead.

The first step in getting out of survival mode is compassion.

Compassion for all you have survived.

Compassion for the losses you experienced.

Compassion for the pain and suffering you felt.

Compassion for who you really are as a human being, your true self.

As we begin 2021, a good first step is to ask yourself, “How can I experience more compassion in my life?”

Compassion begins with unconditional love for yourself.

Let go of self judgment about how well you think you did or did not do in 2020.

Notice all the ways your soul spoke to you throughout the challenges you faced.

Hold yourself dear, knowing and experiencing that if you are reading my words that you had the wisdom to survive, somehow, some way.

Beating up on yourself at this point will only prolong the suffering.

Celebrate your successes.

Notice what you did well. How did you take care of yourself?

How did you maintain the connections to your loved ones, to your soul, to your inner guidance that gave you the strength to continue?

As you hold yourself dear in your own heart, noticing with compassion your inner strength, you can begin to muster the courage to move out of survival mode and step forward.

As you hold yourself with tender compassion you can also begin to feel appreciation for the people around you who may or may not have exhibited their best selves considering all the many challenges we as a human race faced on so many levels in 2020.

Let yourself settle into the wisdom of your heart and move forward with tenderness.

What is healing? Healing begins with the first step of compassion.

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