When I do a medical intuitive reading, I read all five of your bodies.

In addition to first, your physical body, which can be weighed, measured, poked and prodded, you also have:

Secondly, an energy body, which includes your breath, your acupuncture system and your chakras, which are energy vortexes that correspond to your endocrine glands.

Third, an emotional body, which is the largest part of you, even if you repress it.

Fourth, a mind. Contrary to popular thinking, the mind is not the most powerful part of you. Although you can use your mind to overcome many things, your mind can not overcome spiritual lessons, soul agreements or karma.

Fifth, a soul. This is the part of you beyond all space and time.


What’s different about working with me as opposed to working with a practitioner who operates out of the old Western medical model is that I explain to you how all this works together.


If you study classical physics, the definition of reality is that what is real is objective, as in not affected by observation, noncontradictory, deterministic, in that every event is believed to have causes, and local, in that objects separated by space and time are believed to be separate objects.


Just as quantum physics has turned all this on its ear, so holistic practitioners like myself can get results where others have not by expanding your awareness of who you actually are and what is actually going on with you.


When you work not just on your physical body, but also on your energy body, your emotions, your mind and your soul, you have the opportunity to make quantum leaps forward and become radiantly healthy.