One of the most interesting thing I have ever studied about yoga is learning about the five bodies.

According to yoga theory, you have five bodies.

The physical body, or annamayakosha.

The energy body, or pranamayakosha.

The emotional body, or anamayakosha.

The mind, or vijnayanamayakosha.

The spiritual body, or anandamayakosha.

When we practice yoga, we are literally opening and balancing not just the physical body but these other aspects of ourselves as well.

The word kosha means body.

These are energetic layers that add up to all of us, all of who we really are, the sum total of our mind, body and spirit.

Because the word yoga means union, what we are really doing is bringing these koshas or bodies into balance.

If I am doing a medical intuitive reading, I literally read these energy layers.

What is healing? True healing is understanding what is going on in all five of the koshas.

What is going on in the physical body?

What is happening energetically?

What emotions are running the system?

What thoughts or beliefs are running the mind?

What is going on spiritually speaking?

To me, these layers are self evident.

It is important to realize that dis-ease, or illness, begins in the energy layers and comes in to the physical body.

Dysfunction or disruption in one of the outer koshas can show up as continuous pain, illness or dis-ease in our physical self.

In addition, there is a level of control.

The spiritual body controls the mind.

The mind controls the emotions.

The emotions control your energy.

Your energy body (breath, chakras and acupuncture system) controls your physical body.

So it seems obvious to me that when we want to be physically healthy, energetic, happy, wise and connected to God that it is necessary and also important to integrate all aspects of ourselves and not just leave anything out.