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The Four Centers For Psychic Perception

Posted on Aug 4, 2011 by in Blog | 0 comments

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There are four primary centers for psychic perception.

Just like you have actual eyes and ears, you also have energy centers that help you to perceive and pick up psychic information.

The first area is between the eyebrows. This helps you with psychic vision.

The second area is above your ears. This helps you with psychic hearing.

The third area is your solar plexus. This helps you with psychic feeling.

The fourth area is above the crown of your head. This helps you with psychic knowing.

I am a prophetic. My primary gift is psychic knowing.

As you practice energy exercise like yoga, tai chi and qi gong, you can open and balance all these energy centers. These forms of exercise will also keep you grounded while you open your gifts.

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