After writing my last blog post about blessing everything that happens in our lives, I had a major computer meltdown.

I had the opportunity to bless all that was happening!


I had upgraded to the Lion operating system a few weeks before. Since I am not very knowledgeable or confident about computers, I had even done my upgrade in the Apple store.

Because I am diligently trying very hard to become more knowledgeable and confident about computers, I am a member of the Apple one-to-one program. I attend classes, workshops and do personal projects.

Most of the instructors are half my age and ten times more knowledgeable than me about computers.

But fortunately for me, I am tenacious and keep showing up trying to improve myself.


Long story short, last Sunday the geniuses at the Genius Bar had my computer for four hours. They told me afterwards that my computer was simply running slow after installing Lion and that to correct the problem, I needed to wipe everything off my computer and then restore all the content from my backup.

Once again, I went back to the Apple store on Monday for help with this process. Another genius helped me wipe my computer after ascertaining that my backup was working.

I went home, backed up my computer and lo and behold, the very next morning, half my applications were missing, including all my financial data, all of iWork, all my new Microsoft applications, all the contents of this blog, as well as iPhoto, iMovie and my Skype.


I went back to the Apple store on Wednesday afternoon and the very kind folks in personal projects helped me while I spoke over the iPhone to some guy in India with Quickbooks who helped me restore my Quickbooks.

The lady in the Apple store kept reminding me to breathe!

I told her that this was the sort of situation for which alcohol and swearing were invented.

I definitely felt better after recovering all my financial data.

Then I came back today and someone else helped me recover my blog, iWeb and my Skype account. I am currently waiting for help to recover my iPhoto and iMovie.


This whole situation reminds me of some of my clients.

They go to the doctor and receive a diagnosis. They have cancer. They have hepatitis. They broke a bone in their body, strained a muscle or injured their back. Or they simply become aware that they are exhausted, overweight, depressed and not feeling the way they really would like to feel.


After becoming my client, their new hobby is learning how their body works, making healthy concoctions in their juicer, buying strange-to-them vegetables at the health food store and learning how to quiet their mind through meditation.


My personal learning curve this year has been with computers and accounting. I am very blessed to be a member of the Apple one-to-one program. I really appreciate all the very kind and patient instructors who have helped me slog through these and many other challenges.


I bless myself for suffering through computer meltdown.

I bless my backup and computer for erasing significant data.

I bless myself as I witness myself patiently working through these challenges.