The Little Book of Breathwork by Catherine Carrigan was just honored in the list of Esquire magazine’s best wellness books for your mind, body and spirit.

You can read about the top 30 best wellness books according to Esquire magazine at this link.

The Little Book of Breathwork comes in number 11 along with bestselling classics by Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Brene Brown, Michael Singer and Bruce Lipton.

Here is what Esquire magazine has to say about The Little Book of Breathwork:

“Catherine Carrigan’s 2019 jewel, packed with insight and instruction, is anything but little. ‘Your breath is your power,’ she writes. ‘Whether you realize it or not, you derive all of your personal power from your breath.’ This book is filled with specialized breathwork techniques for many common ailments, including anxiety, depression, asthma, and fatigue. Carrigan also provides breathing exercises to improve energy and happiness, as well as clearing emotions and the mind. Carrigan is so accomplished—she’s a medical intuitive, yoga instructor, kinesiologist, holistic lifestyle coach—that you don’t quite know how she has time to breathe. Carrigan is the author of numerous books, and this one is a gift that keeps giving.”

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I live my life prayerfully.

When I received the guidance to write a book about breathing, I thought, “Seriously?”

Despite frantic opposition by my ego – everybody’s ego thinks it knows best and my ego is as stubborn as they come – I completed The Little Book of Breathwork in March 2019 shortly afterwards becoming the 7th of my 8 Amazon number one bestsellers.

A year later of course the entire world plunged into the dark chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

I was fully prepared.

I gave The Little Book of Breathwork for free to readers in 17 different countries.

You can read The Little Book of Breathwork in paperback or ebook or listen to the audiobook version available at this link.

I wrote this book based on my many years teaching yoga, breath work and hand mudras. As of this writing, I am now 63, have taught yoga for 27 years and still teach eight classes every week. You are welcome to join me, of course.

Although the practice of yoga has taken the world by storm, not as many are aware of the practice of mudras, also known as yoga for the hands.

From these years of experience teaching classes and working with all kinds of clients I have found the most powerful effects from combining breath work, hand mudras and affirmations.

In The Little Book of Breathwork I teach a routine I call Eight Minutes to Inner Peace. You can watch the videos to learn the individual breathing exercises at my Youtube channel at this link.

In my experience, you can cut anxiety at least by half in eight minutes by following this breath work routine.

Xanax doesn’t even work that fast.

In an era where nearly 16 percent of Americans take some form of medication for their mental health, natural healing remedies with no adverse side effects have become of paramount importance.

If you suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, addiction or are simply wanting to achieve inner peace, you may be surprised to discover how quickly you can feel dramatically better by following this routine.

Paradoxically while I was editing the book I suffered from anxiety.

As my fellow authors can attest, sifting through a manuscript to root out errors is a nerve wracking, toe curling process. I was sitting there with over 70 different unlabeled black and white photos of myself in a white shirt and black leggings doing different things with my hands. What could possibly go wrong?

And yet every time I read through the mudras and repeated the accompany affirmations I found myself feeling deeply soothed.

So thankful to make the list along with New York Times bestselling and world famous authors such as  Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Brene Brown, Michael Singer and Bruce Lipton. 

What is healing? Healing happens when you learn how to integrate breath work, hand mudras and affirmations.

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