Maybe it started the day I tested positive for Covid and my 17 year old air conditioning system decided to give up the ghost at the same time.

We all go through periods that try our souls.

We wonder how we are ever going to get back to anything resembling a peaceful, easy existence. So I’m lying in bed in the middle of the night and a tree hits the side of my house, ripping the siding, leaving a gaping hole on the third story underneath my roof.

One of my best friends wasn’t feeling well.
Fortunately he listened to me.
“Do NOT exercise,” I advised him.

He went to the cardiologist who could only order lab tests two months down the line.

A few days later I drove my friend to the hospital while he was suffering a major heart attack.

I counted it down for him – just like I do when I’m leading a difficult yoga pose, “Approaching the hospital,” I said, driving through 6:15 pm Atlanta rush hour traffic.

“Turning into the hospital.
“Turning right towards the emergency room,” I said, looking over as he clutched his chest gasping for breath.

Three and a half weeks and one open heart surgery later, my friend stayed at my house for yet another three weeks of recovery.

My computer died.
My dog tore her ACL on her right rear paw and needed surgery three days before Christmas.
I had over $27,000 in unexpected expenses for 2023, all pretty much exigent circumstances for which delay of repair was not really possible.

At the end of 2023 I prayed the chaos was done.

Unfortunately the wave persisted.

I was backing out of a parking space and someone whizzed by. Legally the accident was my fault and cost me $2,700.

I watched a bump grow on my right eyelid and went to the dermatologist. The thorough examination discovered skin cancer on my right ear and left lower leg.

My house suffered five leaks or floods, depending on how long and where they were located, over a six week period. That all started when I made the unfortunate choice to run my dishwasher only to go downstairs to discover water raining into my healing room.

Thankfully my very excellent contractor Justin Pittman, (404) 809-1493, hero with the best repair crew, stepped in and eventually replaced my 23 year old roof and Ducks Waterproofing, (404) 277-7162, did an amazing job fixing the foundation.

Dr. Mark Baucom, (404) 844-0496, and his very kind nurses stitched up my right ear and left lower leg, a surgery fortunately covered by Medicare as I just turned 65 on March 25.

Turning 65 feels like a big deal.

I asked the city of Atlanta for a small senior citizens reprieve on my property taxes.
When I called Scana Energy, the lady in customer service gave me the senior discount a few months before my birthday as an early present.

I spent the turning point with my mother who had just turned 87 while reflecting on how much I have to be thankful for.

Throughout this time, I maintained my routine rituals.
I taught yoga nine times a week.
I prayed.
I meditated.

Whenever possible I rested in my hammock.

I consider myself a hammock aficionado and everyone who needs serious rest would do well to consider a Pawleys Island quick dry hammock ( because even when it rains you flip it over, shake it out and you are back in business, lying on your back, looking up at the clouds listening to the birds and calming your mind.

You can’t leave your rest to the whims of the weather.

I gardened.
I played with my orchids.
I ate five to six little meals per day, allowing myself a little chocolate to feed my soul.

I took my supplements, keeping my antioxidant levels very high because stress quite literally thickens your blood.

Most of the time other people literally have no clue what’s going on with us.

We can appear the swan gliding through the water while underneath our little webbed feet are peddling like mad.

When my friend first went in to the hospital I would park in the neighborhood and walk 15 minutes to the cardiac wing where he was grumpily cooped up.

“I’m handling this ok,” I thought to myself as I was laden down with bags of more and more stuff to carry to his hospital room.

His laundry. A bathrobe. Pillows. Blankets. Snacks.

As time wore on I decided it was more expedient to pay $42 for the weekly parking pass and park at the top deck to get to and from more quickly.

I parked closer but I never gave up my routine.

I recognized the sacred value or my routine rituals, the small action steps that kept me healthy so that I could continue being of service to him and everyone else.

Certain things dropped by the wayside of course.

I continued producing the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio broadcasting to a weekly global audience of 46,000 listeners.

I stopped blogging.

Forget about even thinking about writing another book!

And that’s why you haven’t read anything new from me in quite awhile.

When I am delivering a medical intuitive reading I often point out the routine rituals that will empower you to be happier, healthier and have more energy.

We build our health cell by cell, moment by moment, breath by breath.

It was less than a year ago that two very kind clients paid for my best friend and I to have round trip first class tickets to Paris.

That trip felt better than winning the lottery, we had SO much fun, touring the Eiffel tower, having dinner on a boat floating down the Seine at sunset, attending a wedding at a castle in the Loire Valley.

Even when we arrived at the castle my first order of business was to find a room to practice yoga to maintain my routine ritual.

Through good times and bad, over 29 years of teaching yoga, the practice has maintained my mental and physical health.

And now the wave has finally passed.

In Feng shui when you want to transform your life you change 27 things in your house.


My list is well over 30 at this point.

Through it all my routine rituals have kept me sane and now I can lie in my Pawleys Island quick dry hammock, stare up at the sky, listen to the birds and know I am at one with the universe.

Now you know why you haven’t heard from my blog in a little bit!