By Aage Nost

Everyone has prayed and or pray ever so often, but the question we are left with is: “Why are most prayers left unanswered?”

We are obviously doing something wrong, or praying for the wrong things or reasons.

I am not aware of any holy book that actually teaches us how to pray.  They do not even tell what it is.  But still, there are ways we can find out what it is and how to do it.  We should talk to the ones who are doing it successfully.  To do that, and understand what they are doing, we must join together science and spiritually, so it becomes an accessible and influential force of nature, which then would be explainable.  This is what I call spiritual science.

We have heard, and we read, “God is Love.”  Maybe there is more to that saying than meets the eye?  In the book Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a Way to Get There from Here), authors Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman explore the concept that prayers usually go unanswered.

We have discovered that there is a science to prayer.  They very much prove that prayers work if it done right.  Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to do it.  It shows from studies that it does not matter which religion and form of prayer is used.  There is one essential thing that must be part of a prayer, and that is a strong feeling of love and compassion.  The studies show that without it, the prayers are basically worthless.

Medical doctor Larry Dossey is the author of the book Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine.  He reviewed more then 60 scientific studies proving that effects of prayer can be measured and have a significant effect in healing.  Dr. Dossey found that prayer is not something we do, it is something we ARE! Remember, we do not draw to us what we want, but what we are.

When Gregg Braden went to the Himalayas to research Buddhism, he talked to a Buddhist abbot to find out what the Buddhists were doing when they chanted 14 or more hours per day.  He asked the monk, “When we see your prayers, what are you doing?”  The answer he got was, “You have not seen our prayers, because prayers can not be seen.  What you have seen, is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies. The feeling is the prayer.”

Gregg Braden also talked with a Native American rain maker to find out what he did to create rain.  The Native American shaman told him he did not pray for rain.  He prayed rain.  He said he submerged himself in the visualized experience of feeling the rain falling on his head, his body, getting wet all over, walking in the mud, smelling the rain, loving the rain, being emotional about it, feeling gratitude and thanks for the rain, knowing what good it does for the people and the crops.

You see, we communicate with the Universal Consciousness (the intelligent universal field) around us by using a language, not of words, but of emotion, visualized colorful images, intention and love.  Emotion is the carrier of thought.  When connecting with the Universal Consciousness in this way, we are putting in a request for whatever is colorful, emotionally and lovingly strongest on our mind.

There is a medical doctor turned healer in California with the name Leonard Lascov.  He has done many experiments with different forms of prayer, with or without visualization, emotion, intention and love.

Results were varied.

He sought to achieve the natural connection to the all in the field in the universe.

His healing experiment/ prayer showed a 39% decrease in growth of cancer cells by just intending a return to the natural order and harmony of the normal cell line.

When he used visualized images of healthy cells, and the shrinking of tumors, the positive healing results doubled.

It is obvious that what is in our mind shapes and control our biology.

Lascov said that love is a universal pattern of resonant energy.  And my comment is that love draws to it what it is.  Love creates more love and brings everything it touches back to universal healthy wholeness based on balance.  These concepts are much better understood within the eastern practices of spirituality.

As an example, Buddhism is not a religion, but it is a practice which becomes a way of life.  In the Buddhist teachings, God does not control human fate, but a system of universal karma does.

A God, separate from, and one that the humans had to pray to, worship and ask favors of, was invented by the gods of the Sumerians, the Anunnaki.  This created the concept that God is a man, separate from people and we had to obey his law or he would get mad at us and punish us.  Then people would pray for forgiveness, and of course, they would get it after they paid a tribute.  That we are separate from God was adapted by the Christian church, Muslim and Jewish faith.

None of these religions have much results from prayer, so it makes sense to look to the ones who are getting results.  That comes through spirituality when we know who we are, know we are one with God and speak the language of the spiritual world.

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