The following article is meant to be a compassionate explanation of what happens to many homosexual and transgender people based on many years of experience as a medical intuitive healer.

In no way is it meant to be a condemnation or judgment. I am writing to help everyone have a better understanding so that we may empower ourselves, our friends and our loved ones to find inner peace.

Years ago, I worked with a depressed gay woman.

She had spent years in therapy but was still suffering from the heavy burden of life-long depression.

As we worked together, I recommended that we do a healing about her soul’s birth journey.

I’m going to write this as simply as possible.

When you are incarnated, your soul comes into your body.

For many souls who are born in this lifetime, the body you have and the parents you are born to were not your first choice.

In other words, your body may not be the first body you tried to be born into.

Your parents may not be your soul’s first selection in this lifetime.

Many fetuses are spontaneously aborted through no fault of the mother.

Many pregnancies do not work out.

And many souls who try to be born end up having to seek out one more set of parents and another body.

We have to remember that having a body is a great privilege.

The process of seeking a set of parents, finally being embodied and losing the fetus may happen over and over again.

The souls who try repeatedly and ultimately succeed end up becoming very strong souls.

Meanwhile, the emotional reactions to this process may affect a particular organ in your body, causing you to experience life-long challenges with that organ unless and until you resolve the core soul issues.

Often a soul knows it needs to get a body in order to do very important work in this lifetime.

There may be a sense of urgency about this process.

I liken it to being in such a rush to get here that you end up accidentally taking the wrong train.

Or you are so determined to become embodied that practically any train will do.

In the case of my gay woman client, she could remember waking up in the mornings even as a very young child and wishing she was a boy.

When we did our soul-level healing, I explained to her that her soul had tried to be born as a man numerous times before.

Finally, in sheer frustration to get here, she had taken the body of a woman.

After she was born, she had experienced life-long frustration and disappointment with her body.

“Even if you are gay, in this lifetime you have a body of a woman,” I explained to her.

“The more you can find peace with the body you have, the healthier you will be.”

If I recall, the organ that had been most adversely affected by her frustration and disappointment was her brain.

She experienced depleted brain chemistry, chronic fatigue and unremitting depression.

We did a soul level healing for her to accept her body and to release her frustration and disappointment at being born to her parents.

The experience of having an important purpose for being alive at a particular time, trying to be born repeatedly and ultimately ending up with not your first choice of parents happens not just to homosexual and transgender people but to heterosexuals as well.

For example, in my own case, from previous healings I learned that I had tried to be born eight times before.

The emotions I had experienced about this process of trying and failing to be born over and over had affected my liver, which had been a point of weakness until I resolved the core issue.

But the healing I received on this subject also helped me accept how important my life purpose actually is.

I had been so determined to be born that I failed over and over again before finally succeeding.

The healing helped me to embrace life even more fully.

Anyone who knows me witnesses how I give my whole spirit to life.

The end result for me personally is not just acceptance, not just inner peace but learning to celebrate who I am, what my life is all about and what I am here to do.

But I could remember as a young girl really relating to the story of Cinderella, a story of being with the wrong people and feeling out of place.

Even as a child of four I remember looking at my own parents and thinking, “Who are these people? How did I end up with them?”

We have to remember that our birth parents are here primarily to give us a body. We may or may not have any karma with them beyond that, but we can feel and express gratitude to them for their part in giving us life.

Whether we are homosexual or heterosexual, the more we can fully accept who we are and embrace what we are meant to do in this lifetime, the more at peace we can feel with ourselves.

What is healing? Healing happens when you fully accept your own body and experience true gratitude for the life you have been blessed to live.