“Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing. Ink is the great cure for all human ills.” C.S. Lewis

This week, I did medical intuitive readings for two women who had experienced severe trauma that had kept them stuck in emotional and physical pain.

One woman’s son had been murdered two years previously.

Another had experienced bullying at work. Although this hectoring happened some 20 years ago, she recalled the humiliation as if it had happened just yesterday.

Your Story Either Kills You or Heals You

Every time you tell a story inside your head – even if you don’t speak it out loud to anybody else – you recreate the same chemistry as the day the event happened.

Maybe not with the same intensity, but on a cellular level you deepen the grooves of the injury.

You don’t just recall the anguish, you don’t just see the picture of what happened inside your head, you create the neurotransmitters in your brain today that made you as shocked, devastated and unhappy as the day it first happened.

For example, if I say, “Think about biting into a lemon,” you experience a certain chemistry both in your mouth and in your brain.

It may have been years since you actually bit into a lemon, but when you think about doing so you are creating the exact same experience on a cellular level.

As I explained this fact to the woman who had been bullied, she got the impact of her thought patterns immediately.

“In essence I’m making it happen – making it deeper and deeper,” she said.

Your Story Can Keep You Stuck If You Don’t Change It

This is how and why you may experience constant physical and emotional pain without relief despite the most well-meaning traditional or alternative therapists, the best surgeons, the kindest ministers and the most loving family.

You’re doing yourself in every time you go back in your mind and relive the experience, however innocently you may return to it.

The woman whose son had been murdered had consulted countless healers and therapists. Her family kept advising her to let it go, but she didn’t know how.

She kept seeking answers and hoping for justice that never came.

The killers were never caught. Her son could not return. She cried even as she told me what happened. The pain was as awful as ever.

I told her that what I saw from my medical intuitive reading is that the only thing that would heal her completely is to write a book, to let her soul pour forth through pen and paper.

She had etched the pain of losing her son so deeply it was not just in any one organ, it was in every cell of her body.

“Another medium I consulted told me the exact same thing,” she said.

“Well,” I replied, “then it must be true.”

About an hour or two after our session, she received an email from a writing coach inviting her to a free lecture this Saturday to learn how to write a book.

She forwarded the email to me. Spirit had now spoken to her three times and she got the message!

If You Have Accidentally Stepped on a Land Mine, Don’t Blow Yourself Up Day After Day

Often the truth is that the things that happen to us are in fact so painful we have to be careful not to relive them inside our minds.

If you stepped on a land mine, you wouldn’t want to go back and blow yourself up again day after day.

You may not see yourself choosing that outcome, but in truth that’s what you’re doing if you get stuck reliving your story.

Sometimes it’s as simple as the fact that we are watching the experience in our minds to try to figure it out, to search for understanding how or why it occurred.

But as you do so realize you may in fact be re-injuring yourself and making it difficult or impossible for you to let go of depression, anxiety, physical pain and emotional suffering.

How do you stop the trauma inside your head?

How do you cease making yourself sick?

You Can Tell Your Story A Better Way

Here’s how I recommend you rewrite your story without changing one iota of fact.

  1. Write the story as positively as you can. You are not changing any of the facts because your ego mind as well as your soul know what really happened. Don’t tell yourself any lies. Just relate the story as positively as you possibly can.
  2. Reread it. As you reread your own story, notice your emotional reaction. If you experience any negativity, notice where in the story that occurs.
  3. Rewrite it again. Keep rewriting that story until there you experience NO negativity at all in the retelling of it. You can set your story aside for a few days and keep coming back to it. Over time, your soul will reveal the better way to remember it.

As a medical intuitive healer, there have been times working with clients that the trauma was still so real they could not put it into words.

In those cases, I would ask my clients to draw one picture to symbolize what happened.

Then I ask them to draw the picture again of how they would like it to be remembered.

How I Re-Authored My Own Story

I developed this approach from personal experience.

When I went through a divorce in 2010, I recognized the impact of what was happening and decided I did not want my recollections to make me sick.

So I would write the story in my journal.

After awhile, I would return to it and reread and eventually rewrite.

It took me a few months, but today I can recall what happened and not relive any of the pain.

I know for a fact that I went through a divorce, I know it was one of the most difficult things that ever happened to me, but when I think of it I don’t relive the anguish.

I can recall it with the same emotional impact as if I said, “I went to the grocery yesterday.” Completely neutral – that’s what you want to get to.

Nobody told me to do this.

I just figured it out.

I saw how every time I thought of all the bad things that had happened that I felt extremely stressed. I would look in the mirror and see the tension in my face. I did not want to stay that way.

A side effect of this process is that my ex-husband and I are now actually very good friends. He comes over for dinner, we go to the movies. We can be in each other’s presence and I do not recall all the suffering. We have experienced complete forgiveness.

Today I’m even healthier than I was seven years ago and I credit part of that fact to the way I have handled my story.

Your Inner Peace Is There For Your Uncovering

How can you rewrite the story you tell yourself and maintain truth and actually get to inner peace?

  1. If you think about a story, there may be a villain, but there will also be a hero. For example, Batman may fight multiple bad guys but he’s the hero of his own story. Maybe you’re the hero. Maybe you survived. Perhaps other people stepped in out of the goodness of their hearts to help you. If you look, you can feel the kind hearts all around you.
  2. Find the blessings. Because we live in a friendly universe, the truth is that it’s all one energy, it’s all God and it’s all good. In your mind look to see how your soul grew, the insights you received, the blessings that have been showered upon you. If you look hard enough you will find them.
  3. Receive the lessons. Maybe the worst thing that ever happened to you taught you how to forgive. It’s my experience as a medical intuitive healer that what we think of as total trauma on one level often becomes our greatest teacher on the soul level. The people we consider our predators are often our best friends spiritually speaking.
  4. Pray to God for help. Often we get so stuck in our tales of misery or woe, we have trouble lifting the veil. Ask God to show you the truth of what happened – not the truth of your ego mind, but the divine wisdom. What it looks like to me as a medical intuitive healer is you peel away layers of what you call reality. As you do so you shed your own pain, no drugs, surgery or natural healing remedies required.

What is healing? Healing happens when you rewrite the story that has kept you sick and suffering.