As they say, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. 

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I deal with many left-brain, highly explainable solutions for suffering. You take a rest, you improve your diet, you take up a therapeutic yoga program to heal your back, you choose positive thinking, you reduce your stress, you take up meditation, you move to a line of work that you find more meaningful, you resolve core issues with your spouse, you change your relationship with money and you resolve to become a healthier person.

Along with understandable, highly explicable solutions, my medical intuitive readings cover what can only be described as woo-woo causes of suffering.

 The top 6 psychic causes of suffering include:

  1. Not suffering as much as others.
  2. Attachment to a relative on another plane causing you to suffer.
  3. Helpless to help someone else who is suffering.
  4. Cord attachment to people drawing your energy.
  5. Connection with ancestral spirits.
  6. Connection to others thoughts, emotions or beliefs.

Let me take these one by one:

1. Not suffering as much as others. Let’s say other people you know are all struggling financially. Subconsciously you are afraid to outshine them. Or, you see other people starving, abused by war and living in far less privileged conditions. Many people are literally processing other people’s suffering – whether they consciously recognize it or not. You will need to give yourself permission to be successful, healthy and full of energy, recognizing that you can do far more for others when you are full of chi than when you yourself are all wiped out.

2. Attachment to a relative on another plane causing you to suffer. Many people have not completed their karma with those who have long since departed. Now we are truly entering the woo-woo. I remember years ago working with client who was severely depressed. Every day she wore black from head to toe. Turns out her husband had died of a heart attack in her living room. His spirit had not moved on. She knew it but she wasn’t ready to let him go. Sometimes it’s not actually a relative. I worked with a fellow healer who suffered from severe obsessive compulsive disorder. One of her clients had died of cancer two years before. Somehow the person who died was angry at the healer and had literally attached her energy to my client. 

3. Helpless to help someone who is suffering. This may take on all sorts of forms. A parent in the nursing home. A child with a developmental disorder. A person who could get better but refuses. You wish a better life for this person and you waste your own personal chi trying to coerce the person to a better lifestyle. The cliche couldn’t be more true – you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. It’s better for you to release that person to his or her own karma, blessing their life path. A great affirmation is, “It’s not my journey.” Maybe you would do it differently but God didn’t give you that choice. You can totally exhaust yourself unless and until you release other people to their own spiritual path.

4. Cord attachment to people drawing your energy. In the extreme, practical example, I had a client who was an assistant to a highly abusive lawyer. She was on call 14 hours a day, cell phone constantly ringing. Even if she was “off,” she was never really free of his demanding energy. Sometimes the situation seems less nefarious. I frequently think of how easy it must be for famous people to go crazy unless they develop strong psychic boundaries. People you don’t even know can demand your attention, thinking they know everything about you and wanting to connect with who they think you are.

5. Connection with ancestral spirits. We may inherit many blessings from our ancestors – say a healthy body, a good brain and shiny hair – but we can also be weighed down by the collective experience of those who came before us. Another way to describe this from a healing perspective is for the need to clear genomes – genetic thought patterns. Let’s say you develop the idea, “It’s hard to make a living these days.” Or, “Women can’t support themselves.” Or, “People in our family never amount to anything.” I have written a blog about how you can connect with seven generations of your ancestors to clear issues such as these so that your entire family can move forward.

6. Connection to others thoughts, emotions or beliefs. I see this psychic cause of suffering literally all day long. Many times my clients are well-meaning people who view it as their job to solve other people’s emotional problems for them. It is very important for you to stay in your own energy, your own thoughts and your own beliefs. Usually you will have enough of your own issues to process in this lifetime without trying to resolve other people’s problems in addition to your own! This issue is so common many people do not even understand that the thoughts, emotions or beliefs they are suffering from are not even their own. 

You can resolve these intangible for true causes of suffering. Call or email to set up an appointment and we can work together so you can move forward, feeling psychically free and unencumbered.