When people come to see me, they are making an assumption that they are ready to change.

What’s the trouble with change?

You have actual structures in the brain that when you intimate that change is on the way say, “OMG! All hands on deck! This is scary! Hold back for dear life!”

In your brain, you have two amygdalae. They are shaped the size of a little football.

When information goes into your brain, the signals go to the amygdalae and the amygdalae make a choice.

“O.K. We are safe!” If this is the choice, the information then gets directed to your frontal lobes where you can think logically and avail yourself of all your years of learning.

If, on the other hand, if information goes into your amygdalae and you feel threatened in any way, the amygdalae relay that information to your reptilian brain.

When you are operating out of your reptilian brain you are simply reacting out of old programming.

No higher reasoning occurs – you either fight, flee or freeze.

Why is this so important to understand if you really actually do want to change?

The only way to make change is to take actions that allow your amygdalae to feel safe.

I know full well that if a client works with me long enough, sooner or later I will have them fully participating in all sorts of healthy behaviors.

But the way I do that is to make change so small and easy that we bypass, outwit and out maneuver your amygdalae.

Personally, I very much like being a medical intuitive and kinesiologist as these skills allow me to determine:

  • How much change you can actually handle at any one point in your life
  • Critical point analysis, in that if there are maybe 100 possible things you could do to say lower your blood pressure naturally, which three actions would actually work in your particular case, so that you don’t waste time or energy.

There are five stages of change:

  1. Pre contemplation. You are thinking about thinking about getting better.
  2. Contemplation. You are thinking about making some changes, but the cons and pros are pretty much equal at this point.
  3. Planning. You have to make a plan that will actually work, as everybody only has so much time, energy, money and attention to devote to making positive changes while also running the rest of their life.
  4. Action! Finally! You are taking those positive steps. Juicing, meditating, exercising, resting, thinking more positively, forgiving others, cleaning up your life, eating better, etc. etc.
  5. Maintenance. So you finally made the change but now you need to implement the change in the rest of your life. So you lost the 50 lbs. and now you have to live the rest of your life as this new person and not revert to the old bad version of your previous self.

It’s crucial to understand which particular stage of change you are actually in because different natural healing remedies work at different phases.

If I give you a plan and you are still in pre contemplation, you could leave my office, throw the plan in the trash and never take the positive steps necessary.

However, I am wise to all this. If I recognize that you are not ready for a plan or take actual action, I will do a healing with you to empower you to arrive at willingness.

To me, willingness is one of the most essential states of mind there is.

When you are willing to be the best you can be, you will.

When you are willing to exercise in a healthy way, you will.

When you are willing to eat better, you will find a way.

What is healing? Healing happens when you outsmart your amygdalae and make changes in safe and subtle ways, fully recognizing which stage of change you are actually in and implementing the appropriate natural healing remedies.