The way I see it, when it comes to healing, there are only four problems:





Now if you are trying to drive to my house and there is a barrier on Northside Drive, that is a block. If there is a tree down across the road, that’s a block. If you are trying to get into your car and the key won’t work, that’s a block. If you have pain in your body, there’s a block somewhere in your acupuncture system. Remove the block and you will feel better.


If your house is cluttered, filled with dust, mold, bats and old belongings you haven’t sorted in 20 years, that is congestion. If you have hardening of the arteries, that is congestion. If your mind is full of useless information and 100 different ideas about how to get better with no clear clue which ones would actually work, that is congestion.


If you know what you should be doing but aren’t willing to do it, that’s resistance. If you have all the diet books, all the exercise equipment, time in your day to rest and you still won’t eat right, work out or take care of yourself, you have resistance. One of my clients years ago had a personal chef, me and a woman who came over to her house several times a week to do her hair for her, and she still would not lose weight. Now that’s resistance.


If you know what to do and are willing to do it but other people tell you that your ideas are stupid and you shouldn’t bother, that’s interference. Frankly, interference can be a problem but usually isn’t the core issue as more often than not, we have met the enemy and he is us. Interference happens when your mother in law tells you how to rearrange your living room. You could also walk through an airport and be exposed to heavy electromagnetic radiation, making it hard for you to think straight, and that’s interference.


This is my considered opinion after years of doing healing work.


If you have a problem – literally any problem – ask yourself whether it’s a block, congestion, resistance or interference.


If it’s a block, ask yourself what you need to do to remove the block.


If it’s congestion, for God’s sake, clean up. That is why I am such a big fan of Feng shui – clear your environment and get your energy moving.


If it’s resistance, well then you are not willing to do the work and ask yourself what it would take for you to become more willing.


If it’s interference, figure out how to work around the people and energies who are keeping you from being the best you can be. As I mentioned, even if your mother in law is a great interfering influence and you hate being in airports, more than likely this is more of an annoyance and less of a root cause of your problems. But it could be.


Simplify your problems to get clear about what you actually need to do to be free of them.