Sooner or later in life, something appears to happen to you and your inner victim rears his or her pitiful little head.

Wham! Someone runs into your car.

Surprise! You’ve lost your job.

OMG, someone you  once thought of as a friend has hurt your feelings, stomped your ego flat or spread a nasty rumor about you.

Oh, and now you go to the doctor and there’s this diagnosis, this bad test result, it could be quite painful and expensive.

Someone took your good stuff, the best years of your life. Everything that matters appears to have disappeared.

It all seems to be happening to you, not for you.

I’m going to talk about something a little uncomfortable, so if your ego can’t handle this, better stop reading now.

Whether or not you recognize it, there’s a victim who lives inside your head.

Your victim is an unfortunate aspect of your ego self.

The trouble with allowing your inner victim to run your life is that as long as your victim rules, you will continue to be victimized.

You will lose access to your personal power.

You will be bullied, beat up, abused, overlooked, picked on, discriminated against, terrorized, persecuted, embarrassed, hurt  or pushed around.

You will feel life, other people, the government, the Republicans/Democrats/or other political party you don’t like, your boss, the weather or dark forces larger than yourself are doing you wrong.

You will feel that you’re losing control, that you can’t find your way.

No matter how hard you try you can’t get ahead.

It could pile up inside your mind so big you could even feel like killing yourself.

“What’s the use?” you may ponder.

And then things just get worse!

So here’s the good news.

Your inner victim is not your true self. Your true self is way bigger than this.

Who is your true self?

Your true self is an expression of your beautiful soul.

Your true self knows you have an important reason for being alive.

Your true self has access to all your personal power.

Your true self knows your soul always guides you to everything that leads to your highest good.

Your true self thrives on expressing your highest talents, knows that you are already good enough and that you deserve to be happy.

Wouldn’t life be more fun if your true self actually ran your show?

So how are you going to keep your inner victim from ruining your life?

Step One, Recognize when your inner victim has taken over your inner conversation. Inside your head you will hear: 

  • “Poor me.”
  • “I’m so tired of…”
  • “Other people have ruined (fill in the blank).”
  • “It’s not my fault.”
  • “Why me?”
  • “Other people have more (fill in the blank: money, opportunity, good looks, etc.)”
  • “I can’t (fill in the blank).”
  • “Why does this always happen to me?”

Step Two, Ask yourself, “Why did I create this?”

At a soul level, you are way more powerful than you may have given yourself credit for.

Everything that happens in your life occurs for your highest good – even if you can’t immediately recognize how or why.

We can continue to look at life from an ego perspective or we can step into a bigger picture, a soul understanding, of what’s really going on.

When you ask yourself this important question, you may surprise yourself with the answer your soul delivers:

  • You’re learning strength.
  • You’re developing self discipline.
  • You’re mastering forgiveness.
  • You’re practicing loving yourself the way you already are.
  • You’re expanding your compassion.
  • You’re finding out what really matters in life.
  • You’re becoming who you’re really meant to be, not what other people wanted to program you to be.
  • You’re discovering your soul purpose.

Don’t you feel better already, just getting a glimpse of the way your soul wants you to see things?

Step Three, Rewrite your story. 

Go ahead, go back into that sad, miserable, depressing, worrisome tale your victim has been telling you.

I’m sure you know it pretty well as your victim has repeated it so many times you could recite it by heart.

Actually put this lament onto paper.

Write it down.

Type it out.

Cry it out.

Got it?

Now reread the damn thing.

Whenever you feel a pang, whenever you notice your energy has dropped down another notch, that’s your victim squeezing out your life energy.

Where ever you feel humiliation, blame, shame, despair, regret, anxiety, fear, anger, greed, hate or scorn, quite literally rewrite your story.

Keep the facts, just tell the story another way.

Tell what happened from the point of view of your powerful soul.

I recognize this may be a huge assignment.

You may not be able to get all the way to good in one re-telling.

Set your story aside whenever you need to and come back to it when you’re ready.

Even if it takes you days, months, years, every time you rewrite your story to tell it from your soul you improve your brain chemistry, rewire your neurology and improve not just your physical health but your entire outlook.

You will notice that each time you rewrite your story from your soul perspective that you quite literally feel lighter.

The depression drops down a notch.

You feel less anxious.

You suddenly discover more energy.

Maybe you even find yourself chuckling in amusement. Who said all this was so serious anyway?

Stop allowing your victim to ruin your life.

What is healing? Healing happens when you see everything that happens from the point of view of your beautiful, empowered soul.

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