When I am doing a medical intuitive reading, I often find that clients feel miserable because they are simply not placing a high enough priority on their own personal happiness.

What gets in the way of your happiness?


Although it may look like something else, and you may think it may be something else or call it something else, I often find your block comes down to money.

Money is such a common block to happiness I have an entire manual devoted to clearing your money issues and even teach a two-day seminar to empower you to clear your blocks to experiencing prosperity.

If you place money ahead of your happiness or health, you live in survival mode.

If you live in survival mode, you operate out of your reptilian brain – the back of your brain, where you simply react out of old primal programming.

You do not fully access your frontal lobes, which make your own natural antidepressants and where higher logical reasoning occurs.

You live off of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin, which simply break down your brain chemistry, making you feel mentally emotionally depressed as well as physically fat and exhausted.

Reptiles don’t thrive – they fight, flee or freeze.

They don’t laugh very much.

Their two primary emotions are anger and fear.

They view the world as a competitive, unfriendly place.

Nobody in this world can really be trusted.

Maybe you don’t think you have placed money at the top of your priority list, but if you haven’t placed your own personal joy at the very top or towards the top of your list the truth is you will never get there.

Maybe you don’t think you can actually be content in your body in this lifetime.

I know for a fact you can be happy because you have a body, a mind and a soul.

Here are three ways you can be happier today:

  1. You can be happy in your body. Your body can be a source of physical pleasure. Many times, if you haven’t thought any deeper about the subject, this may be the only kind of happiness you have ever experienced. Eating, drinking. If you have overdone either eating or drinking maybe you haven’t found out about the other two sources of happiness. Sex. Movement – yes, you can feel wonderful going for a walk, feeling the sunshine on your face as you rollerblade through a park, swimming in cool water, bending and stretching in a yoga pose, swinging a golf club, hitting the tennis ball over the net, cycling through the mountains. Rest. A long sleep, an afternoon nap. A hot bath, a warm shower. A hug. What makes your body feel wonderful?
  2. You can be happy in your mind. Your mind can be your next source of satisfaction. Believe it or not you could take great glee in solving a difficult math problem. I find quiet joy in writing a book. Your mental mirth will be unique to you. You may get a thrill out of watching Michigan State Football crush its rival. I may get a thrill photographing orchids, tending my phalaeonopsis, repotting my cattleyas. Watching political debates, reading up on your hobby, visiting supply stores for your home improvement projects. Notice what your mind obsesses about in a good way. What thrills your mind? What calms your mind? Whether it’s a new course to develop your skills or a meditation group to calm your mind, you can find what makes you mentally happy.
  3. You can be happy all the way to your soul. Soul satisfaction has a different quality than either physical pleasure or mental stimulation. Soul bliss comes from doing your life from a bigger perspective – not just from a me perspective. It’s about making choices that bless you with magnificent meaning because you know you are contributing to all. This could well be connecting with like-minded people who live on purpose, whether that be your family or a family of souls like yours. This could be you acting all by yourself taking a small step to serve something larger than yourself, whether it be donating cans to your local food bank, solving water supply issues, recycling, contributing to animal welfare, the environment, your country. What can you do today, this week, this month, this year to make a difference to the lives of others? What can you create that will be your eternal legacy, knowing and experiencing that your very existence blessed the planet in some small way?

My most recent Amazon No. 1 best seller, Banish the Blues Nowuncovers all the ways you can clear depression without drugs.

But happiness – that is another country, a place you have to choose to live in.

Give yourself permission to be happier today. Choose one aspect – your body, your mind or your soul – and take a small step to feel joy.

Get out of your survival mode and know it’s possible to thrive!