On Wednesday, I had a very interesting meeting over the internet with a group of other authors.

We are all working with my writing coach, Tom Bird, http://www.tombird.com.

Tom’s work is about writing, for sure, and about getting you to get the books out of you that are stuck way down deep someplace, possibly in nooks and crannies you have even forgotten about.

But he’s also about getting you back on track with your life.

Tom says that if you are following your soul’s path, you are happy.

If you are not on your soul’s true path, guess what, you won’t be happy.

He was meeting with a group of us writer-types over the internet in a webinar to talk to us about the deeper work of marketing our books.

Every writer has an epitaph written on our soul, Tom says. This is the main message that each author wants to express to the world – our soul message.

We can write 27 books to get in touch with that soul message, do decades of psychotherapy or simply ask:

“Soul, what is your message?

“What is the message you want to express to the world?”

To help all of us get in greater touch with that message, Tom brought along another author, Deborah McTiernan, author of Lilly Noble and Actual Magic, http://www.amazon.com/Lilly-Noble-Actual-Series-ebook/dp/B00D0DD97U/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1374854823&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=Deb+McTiernan+Lilly+Noble

Deb listened to each of us as we talked about the commonalities in the books we had written. Then she helped us get at the core soul message, expressed in a sentence.

My soul message came out quickly and easily:


My second book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness, http://shop.totalfitness.net,  talks about how to open up your soul gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairvoyance by learning how to love unconditionally.

It is true that I help each of my client’s get in touch with their soul’s true message and awaken the healing power within each person. This is my passion, this is my joy.

Even if you are not a writer or an author, you can ask yourself the same important question that Tom Bird was asking each of us.

What is my soul message?

What is the one thing that my soul wants to say to the world?

When you know the answer, you can move forward with greater clarity.

Tom says that sometimes when we are off our spiritual path, life creates circumstances for us so that the only thing that we CAN do is what our soul really MUST do.

This is what happened to Sylvester Stallone. On the surface, a complete failure, he ended up writing the script for the movie “Rocky.” While he was writing the script, he got the message that he was not only supposed to write the script, he was also supposed to star in it. He himself was the comeback kid. He himself knew how to embody and express that message better than anybody else because it is his soul’s message.

If you look at the larger picture of your life, you can try to heal the little aches and pains – your hip pain, the headaches, the depression – one by one, as if you are shooting cans one by one with a pistol.

Or you can look at the bigger picture and ask if your soul is really on track, if you are really actually expressing your soul message.

As for me, Tom Bird and Deborah McTiernan helped me by saving a whole lot of time. They helped me get in touch with my soul message:


What is healing?
Healing is cutting to the chase and actually taking the time to figure out what you are here to do.