In my practice as a medical intuitive healer, I combine fitness, nutrition and natural healing.

Many of my clients also work with their medical doctors, which means they get the best of all perspectives – holistic alternative medicine and traditional Western medicine.

I respect and understand the perspective of traditional Western medicine, part of which involves drugs and surgery. My father and brother are both medical doctors and I value the contributions that this approach can make.

Part of what I recommend we do to be informed consumers is to understand our medications.

Your health depends on it!

Why is this so important?

Last week, for example, I spoke to a new client who is taking not just one but 17 different prescription medications.

Although she has numerous doctors, no one is overseeing the interaction between all these pills.

This is not uncommon.

With so many pills and so many different doctors, we are forced to be our own best advocates at understanding what all these drugs are doing.

If your doctor has prescribed any medication, I recommend:

  1. You look up all the side effects. You can go to, the internet drug index.
  2. If you are experiencing any of the side effects listed, call your doctor, make an appointment to discuss. I find that many of the symptoms clients come to talk to me about are actually a side effect of their medications.
  3. Make an appointment with me to ask about natural healing. Many common issues can be healed with diet, exercise and lifestyle improvements.

The only side effects of fitness, nutrition and natural healing are increased energy, a greater sense of your own power to control the way you feel, better health, increased longevity, reduction in pain and a total change of your perspective in how you deal with your challenges.

What is healing?

Healing happens when we become informed consumers, understanding the effects of the pills we put into our body.