Success is such an elusive thing. Hardly anyone knows what it is or understands it.

If you ask a hundred different people what success is you might get a hundred different answers.

These answers may vary from wanting to have a profitable business to take care of family, have a fulfilling job, create a humanitarian company to help others, raise well educated good honorable children, write a book or absolutely anything.

We must remember we live in a mind-created universe, so what we are, what is in our mind and what we believe the most, that is what we will have in our physical existence.

We will draw that to us, and create it in the hologram we are living.

If we have no knowledge of how to create success, our chances of obtaining it are minimal.

In order to create anything of excellence, we must have knowledge of how to do it.

Where do we find this knowledge? We can associate and align ourselves with people who have this knowledge.

My philosophy is: Do not ask a man who has been unemployed for six months how to get and keep a good job, do not ask someone who has filed for bankruptcy how to run a successful business and do not ask a millionaire how to become a billionaire.

Everyone needs a mentor. If you do it right, you will have many mentors at different stages in your life.

Whatever you start out to accomplish in life, do not only seek money, wealth, riches, but abundance.

Abundance accomplishes all, including peace of mind, happiness, love, good friends and more. If you associate with billionaires and learn what they do and how they think, you will gain a billionaires attitude.

You will never become a billionaire doing and thinking like millionaires do.

Doing and thinking like a billionaire will work at every level of business. So, you will say: “I do not know any billionaires.”

Yes, you do. You do not have to be in their presence to associate with them. Read their books, listen to their speeches, watch their videos on YouTube and other forums, and you are associating with them.

Engage the master mind principle. That is when you brainstorm for knowledge and resources with like-minded people who have the same goals and aspirations as you do.

It is based on the principle of when two or more minds are united in harmony, they create a third mind which has the potential mind power of the two or more of them multiplied by each other.

This is phenomenally powerful.

Remember my saying: “If you think like the masses do, you are going to be like the masses are. If you do like the masses do, you are going to have what the masses have.”

Are you sure you want that?

But also remember another saying I have: “God will give you the nut, but he will not crack it.”

We have to do our part in helping to have success happen.

So, how do we crack the nut?

Everything starts in the mind.

We need to think it, feel it, visualize it, love it in to existence.

When you have created it with emotion, detail, colorful images, love and intention in your mind, it exists on a mental level of existence and you have given it a low form of life.

Then you should go up this timeline you have created and visit it every day.

This way you lay down attractor strings to it, you solidify it and will be drawn up this timeline to this thing you have created in the future.

I have a question for you. Think on it very seriously, because whatever you chose – however big it is – is what you can accomplish if you listen, learn, associate with the best, keep your mind clean and never give up.

The question is: “What would you start tomorrow morning, if you knew you could not fail?”

Do not answer this question for at least twenty four hours. You need to think about it, because you/we all need to know how to think big enough.

Here are some of the things billionaires do, and how they think. You will learn much more about these principles, and the details of how to do it in my book Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think.

Some billionaires follow the universal success principles without even knowing it, because it is the right thing to do. They are the dreamers, the contrarians, the humanitarians. They often give away more in a year’s time than many millionaires own.

  1. Billionaires have learned that there are two things which go to the bank: one is money and the other is good-will. They have equal value at different times.
  2. They know there is no such thing as a self made man. They need other people with specialized knowledge which they themselves do not have. They need a crew to duplicate their time. They need customers and clients.
  3. They create a master mind group and brainstorm with them at least once per week.
  4. They create an inner circle for advice and association.
  5. They stay away from negative people like the plague and are very choosey with whom they associate.
  6. They constantly expand their minds, by taking seminars, mind development courses, watching uplifting videos, listening to and studying uplifting specialized informational speeches. At the top of the list of their personal development they expand their minds by reading because they have learned from personal experience that readers are leaders.
  7. They welcome challenges because they know challenges foster creation.
  8. They are kind and fair to the people who depend on them, or on whom they depend.
  9. They are not afraid to take chances based on calculated risks, which are anchored in facts and are in agreement with the little voice in the back of their mind.
  10. They spend time alone in meditation or quiet contemplation communicating with the universal mind, and listening to the flow of knowledge from the higher power.
  11. They love what they do or otherwise they will not do it. They have taken to heart the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.”
  12. They have a very strong belief in the power of the mind.
  13. They know you do not have to know everything to start something. Your master mind group, your inner circle and every one joining you on the project will find the solutions on the way.
  14. They have a very strong and colorful emotional dream of what they want to accomplish.
  15. When there is a challenge, they brainstorm this challenge with their master mind group and inner circle and analyze the whole situation.  They break the challenge up into smaller parts or sections because they know smaller individual challenges are easier to solve than one big challenge in one swoop. Once they understand the challenge and all its facets, they do not need to think about the challenge any more unless the challenge changes. They just bury themselves in the creative solution process. They know that when they focus on problems – they get problems. When they focus on solutions they will have solutions.
  16. They are never realistic, because they know there is no such thing as “Can’t.” Think of the word “realistic.” It comes from the word “realize.” Break it up and sound it out and it sounds like: “Real lies”.
  17. They think out of the box.
  18. Every day they walk out the door, they know they are being watched. Therefore they remember to: Watch their thoughts because thoughts become their words. Watch their words because words become their actions. Watch their actions because actions become their habits. Watch their habits because habits become their character. Watch their character because character becomes their destiny.
  19. They do whatever they know best how to do to stay healthy, even though most of them may not have woken up to holistic medicine yet.
  20. They know that the success they expect the next day starts the night before or earlier.
  21. They reflect on every day they have with gratitude, appreciation and thanks for both the apparent successes as well as for things that did not work because they always learned something.
  22. Except for emergencies, as a rule when they go home they disconnect completely from work.
  23. They spend not just quantity but quality time with their family.
  24. Even with the special projects and executive decision making that they alone must accomplish, they plan and strive to complete most of their work within an eight hour day.
  25. They plan the evening and retire early enough to adjust for the three hour sleep cycle from deep sleep to light sleep, in order to rest fully, rebalance and rejuvenate themselves.
  26. Before they go to sleep, they read books not necessarily connected to work that are specifically uplifting and inspiring.
  27. They watch videos, listen to speeches and study successful people and competitors, so they can get into the other person’s mind.
  28. They spend time visualizing the successful outcome of what they need to do the next day.
  29. They have worked out positive affirmations they say to themselves over and over again during the day and as they fall asleep.
  30. Many of the super wealthy have found that when you work by universal success principles the details will fall into place by themselves  because at that level of mind the facts don’t count.
  31. They also never take no for an answer, or at least until they have asked three times, if there is something they really want.

These principles were written for the few who want to rise out of poverty, mediocrity or what is commonly respected as successful in the average private or business life.