Last week, one of my clients who is an artist told me that he had dedicated the rest of his life to searching out sacred visions.

I told him that he definitely could go to Egypt to see the pyramids, or visit the Grand Canyon, but he could also come over and just look out the window of my studio.

Higher vibration energy is more complex. Think rich, as in richly rewarding, rich with details while offering a compelling big picture at the same time, deep, lusciously fulfilling, totally engaging, mind, body and soul.

Lower vibration energy is less complex.

Illness is simply slowed down vibration. It may even feel heavy, dense and congested.

Healing energy flows at a faster vibration.

When you want to be healthier, simply surround yourself with higher vibration energies. The most loving, kind, forgiving and nurturing people. The great beauty of nature. Very fresh food. Sparkling clean water. Fun. Laughter. Light.

It sounds paradoxical to say, but the slower you go, the faster chi flows.

So when you sit and meditate, or engage in the slow rhythms of tai chi, qi gong or yoga, your body’s chi actually speeds up, balances and heals you.

All I have to do to slow down this time of year is just look out the window of my studio.

I am in awe.

I can look out far into the colors of the trees across the street. I can look up close at my blue jar fountain and my apple blossom double begonias, which thankfully and amazingly are still blooming. I can admire my angel, a gift from a client and a reminder of our great work together. I can watch the leaves falling from the sky.

A few leaves are scattered across my bench, as if they are enjoying resting there.

My view is greater than any painting or photograph I have hung on the wall of my home, and it changes day by day.

This is where I am blessed to do my work.

Every time I come into the studio and look out the window, I feel very blessed.


Photo: View of my studio, Tuesday, November 15, 2011