I think it’s absolutely paramount to be on top of our mental game right now.

With the energy in the world right now being speeded up, contracted, fearful and insecure, one way to tell if you are really on top of your mental game or not is to ask yourself if this is how YOU feel.

Are you buying into the fear, or have you found a way to ground your energy and stay connected to the divine at the same time?

This is true power.

When we are connected to the earth and connected to God at the same time, we become the lighthouse instead of flowing in and out like the tide.

I admit it’s not always easy for me to do, but it’s my goal.

In previous blogs, I have talked about how I am doing my best to break my addiction to the news. This is a process, just like breaking any addiction, whether it’s to cookies, alcohol, overworking or over exercising. I do find myself peaking at the headlines.

Maybe one day I will develop a healthier relationship with the news, just like it is actually possible to develop a healthy relationship with cookies, or a glass of wine.

In the meanwhile, I have started rereading Dr. David Hawkins book I: Reality and Subjectivity, which a friend of mine says may be the book with the highest level of consciousness on earth.

My personal remedy for my mind right now includes the following personal protocol:

  1. I have recorded positive affirmations in my own voice on my iphone.
  2. I listen to these whenever I go for a walk or I am driving in my car. In this way, I am in charge of the thoughts I am focusing on, rather than randomly listening to the radio and the thoughts and opinions of newscasters.
  3. I bless my food and give thanks for all I have received that day while doing so.
  4. I keep a gratitude journal.
  5. I have a habit of thanking other people. This includes waiters and waitresses, the checkout people at the grocery store, anybody who provides me any service, no matter how small. The research shows that service people often have some of the highest rates of depression. When we can show true gratitude for even the smallest acts of kindness – even if we are paying for them – we lift other people up. I would rather be someone who lifts everybody up.
  6. I notice when I am going negative. Being human, we can all get down sometimes. The first step is awareness. The second step is to ask yourself what you need to do to shift that energy to a higher vibration.
  7. I spend time alone in nature. Nothing lifts my soul like a walk in the woods, my garden on a fall afternoon or the sight of a flight of geese in the sky. In such an atmosphere, my mind can quiet and I can truly appreciate all the beauty around me.