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View From My Studio, Spring 2011

Posted on May 28, 2011 by in Blog | 0 comments

View From My Studio, Spring 2011

My friend Rochel Parker, a classical Feng shui master, helped me install this new fountain. It was such a gift!

I had another fountain in the same spot, but it leaked endlessly. Nothing I did could make the leak stop.

So Rochel and I replaced the fountain ourselves. I felt like we were such strong women! We dug out the old fountain and somehow Rochel knew how to get the motor going. I planted yellow, purpled and lavender pansies around the fountain. When the azaleas bloomed, I felt that I was in heaven.

The angel in the far left corner was a gift from a client. I helped her recover from a nervous breakdown.

The bench to the right was a gift from the Atlanta Pet Rescue. Whenever I make jewelry, if anyone ever buys it, I give them a choice of donating the profits to either the Pet Rescue or the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

I take a glance at the view from my studio and it heals my soul!

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