One of the simplest ways to access your divine guidance is by walking up a ladder to your angels.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Step One. Get quiet. Go into a meditative state in a quiet environment.
  • Step Two. Visualize a ladder above the crown of your head. Imagine that your soul is climbing up the ladder. As you climb up the ladder, feel yourself connecting to your angel guides. Feel them welcoming your presence.
  • Step Three. When you get to the top of the ladder, ask your question. With this technique, you may want to go beyond simple yes or no questions. Ask a question from the depths of your soul, something you have really been wanting to know about.
  • Step Four. Listen. Feel. See. Wait in meditation until you receive your answer. You will intuitively know when you are complete and you have your information.
  • Step Five: When you have received your guidance, visualize yourself walking back down the ladder. Come back into your body. Breathe deeply. Wiggle your toes. Welcome yourself back home to the hear and now. You may want to write down whatever guidance you received. Give yourself time to process.

Don’t be surprised that even if you don’t ask a simple yes or no question, your answer is clear and directly to the point.

Your angels may say simply, “You are on the right track,” or “Be at peace. All is well.”

On the other hand, you may hear information that sounds surprising to you and may not immediately make logical sense.

In that case, make note of what you received so that your communication can become clearer over time.

As you walk up the ladder, you are leaving four dimensional, geometric reality and entering the fifth dimension beyond time and space.

Physicists describe the fifth dimension as an extra dimension beyond the three dimensions of space and the one time dimension of relativity.

From a healing perspective, when you enter this fifth dimension, you leave behind the third dimensional world you project outwards from your ego mind.

You also leave behind your concept of time, which seems as if it occurs in a linear fashion, with yesterday gone, today present and tomorrow somewhere lurching ahead in the future.

You leave behind the world that you think you know to enter the unity of all existence.

You may experience lightness of being and a quiet inner joy.

Even as you are divinely directed, the information you receive will feel calming, safe and loving.

Know that you are constantly surrounded by unconditional love.

If this unconditional love feels out of touch in any moment, know that all you have to do anytime, anywhere is walk up the ladder towards your angels in order to experience it.

In this fifth dimension, you are always O.K., perpetually deeply loved and constantly divinely directed.

Even experiencing this oneness for a moment can change your entire perspective on what you think is happening in the here and now.

From this perspective, you can get a better glimpse of what is really going on.