Many people mistakenly believe that all their best decisions happen in their brain.

This is only partially true.

When you operate out of your frontal lobes, you behave in a socially acceptable manner and access the wisdom you have spent years accumulating.

On the other hand, there is a part of your brain that is NOT your friend and when this part of your grey matter takes over, boy, you are in deep trouble.

What is this dangerous part of your brain?

It’s your amygala, or more specifically your amygdalae because there are two of them.

These are the fight, flight or freeze part of your brain.

All day long every day I communicate with what I refer to as actual humans – i.e., not the ones with advanced degrees in neuroscience – so this is how I like to explain your amygdalae to regular folks.

The amygdalae are like the control tower at the airport.

At the airport, the control tower decides whether you are going to land on runway A or runway B.

When information comes into the brain, it goes to the amygdalae and these tiny football-shaped organs either send the information to runway A, your frontal lobes, where you then can think logically, or they send the signals to the back of your brain, your reptilian brain, where you simply react based on old subconscious programming.

You fight.

You flee.

Or you freeze.

When I am doing my medical intuitive healing, I always check the emotions that are running your issues.

When your amygdalae have sent you to the back of your brain into your reptilian self, the primary emotions are:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Surprise

You can read a chart that I use in my medical intuitive healing to determine the emotions in the amygdala by visiting my Pinterest board called Medical Intuitive.

Personally, I like to think of emotions like colors. There are primary colors and all kinds of variations in between.

The point is that when you become fearful, angry, ashamed, sad, disgusted or surprised, your amygdalae hijacks your higher self – the one who wants to be wise, careful, discerning, making good decisions, intuitive and helpful.

In sum, you act like more or less of an idiot.

You can’t be intuitive when you are the subject of an amygdalae hijacking because you are not operating out of your higher self. You are operating out of your cave person self.

You can’t even sometimes remember what the heck you learned on a certain subject. You could have spent years in school, years practicing your craft, but when you become highly emotional like this all that wisdom goes out the window because you can’t access it.

We have all had this experience.

I know sometimes when I become highly stressed, I have to remind myself even to breathe – even though I have taught yoga for 19 years and know full well how to do so.

If you want to be intuitive, you have to begin by operating out of your spiritual self.

And that means you want to get a hold of your stress, calm down and not only breathe but make the space in your life where you can access your higher guidance.

Give yourself permission to take life a little easier and you will find yourself making really brilliant decisions.

Surprise! You feel better, mentally and physically, and can not only think straight but your guidance comes through easily in the space you have created to breathe and feel.