This past weekend, my dear friend Nina Lynn, a wellness and self empowerment coach based in the D.C. area, came to visit.

Like me, Nina integrates fitness, nutrition and natural healing.

We both have extensive menus in kinesiology, energy healing, natural healing remedies, body work, flower essences, emotional clearing, karmic release work, quantum healing and many other holistic modalities and have studied natural healing together for year.

So what do we do for fun?

Healing work, of course!

For three days nonstop, we exchanged kinesiology balances. I worked on her, then she worked on me. We cleared limiting beliefs in every area of each other’s lives, practiced energy work, meditated, took flower essences and asked our angels for guidance.

I gave her six bottles of the flower essence Reverence made from the Paphiopedilum Haynaldianum orchid still blooming in my studio.

The last day we were together I woke up and my fiancé Ken Holmes said helpfully, “Why don’t you all do something for fun – like maybe go shopping or something?”

I told Nina that at lunchtime and she had a big laugh.

“This IS fun,” she said.

At the end of our time together we called our mentor in healing Sue in Canada to tell her what Ken said.

Sue also had a big laugh.

We totally get it.

Healing work is fun to do because:

  • It is our passion.
  • It’s why we are here.
  • We know that when we clear our limiting beliefs we leap ahead in our lives.
  • We love being in the flow of high vibration energy.
  • It makes us truly happy to be of service to others.
  • We know that as we clear deep issues we experience deep spiritual growth.
  • We enjoy sharing the latest techniques with each other.
  • Our souls cherish hanging out with like-minded people doing what we love to do.

In 2009, my friend Don Dennis, creator of Living Tree Orchid Essences, invited me to Scotland for free to hang out in a small castle on the Isle of Gigha with five other healers from around the world.

There were ladies from England, Finland, France, Brazil and Spain in addition to Don, who runs to greenhouses full of orchids from which he makes natural healing remedies.

What did we do?

We took flower essences, meditated and walked in nature, taking in the breathtaking gardens of Achamore House and admiring the views from the top of the Isle of Gigha looking out to the coast of Ireland.

One day we all took a boat ride and a school of I kid you not maybe 100 dolphins appeared out of nowhere, doing a sea dance for us, leaping two and three at a time as if they too were delighted to celebrate our companionship.

There were full grown dolphins and baby dolphins all jumping for joy right in front of us.

It was one of the most ecstatic experiences of my life and one that I will never forget, to be so surrounded by like-minded people dedicated to uplifting the consciousness of the planet.

Last week, I did a medical intuitive reading with an energy healer in Larkspur, California.

She had been feeling unwell recently and even though she didn’t tell me I picked up that her business had slowed down so that she could rest and recover. Her anxiety over the slowdown in her client load had been complicating her physical issues.

“You have to know that you are being totally taken care of,” I told her. “If you had the clients, you would be working rather than resting, which would tap into your original chi at this point.”

She emailed me a few days later to let me know she felt better after our session.

What is healing? Healing happens when you hang out with soul sisters doing what you love to do!