Cardiac low back is a common condition where your low back gives out to make you slow down to keep you from having a heart attack.

I first learned about cardiac low back while studying Total Body Modification (TBM), a system of kinesiology that uses multiple body points to identify and correct imbalances in your body.

Whenever you experience any symptom, that’s your body’s signal that something is out of balance.

One of my long-term clients used to run one of the most successful MRI testing facilities in the Atlanta area. She reported to me that low back pain was the No. 1 reason people went to their doctors for MRIs, often thinking there must be something structurally wrong with their spine.

As a yoga teacher with 20 years experience, I can attest that structural imbalances are often the root cause of back pain. I have helped countless clients clear their long-term back pain with an individualized stretching and strengthening program.

Here’s an article I wrote that includes photos and videos of five simple yoga exercises you can do to heal your back. 

However, you have to ask yourself, is your low back pain trying to tell you something important?

I can identify cardiac low back syndrome even in clients who exercise regularly and maintain strong core muscles – people who might consider themselves the fittest of the fit.

Why is this the case?

Your heart is emperor of your body.

When you are completely healthy and happy, you enjoy a strong physical heart and you exude confidence, courage and passion.

In our society, however, burnout is unfortunately the norm, not the exception.

That’s why I wrote my Amazon No. 1 bestseller, Unlimited Energy Now.  The most common condition I see in all my new clients is chronic, unrelenting fatigue.

When your adrenal glands – the tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys that secrete your stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin – have burned out from years of unresolved stress, your heart reflects this depletion and you may experience a multitude of symptoms, including low back pain.

A highly trained kinesiologist such as myself can identify and correct cardiac low back by testing your body and identifying and resolving the root causes.

You have two adrenal glands sitting on top of each of your kidneys in your lower back.

These adrenal glands secrete your stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin.

Your adrenal glands go through three stages of stress – stage 1 alarm, stage 2 adaptation and stage 3 exhaustion.

You may not even recognize how exhausted you actually are, but your heart definitely does and your low back will often reflect this energetic depletion.

How do you correct cardiac low back?

  1. Make an appointment for a Total Body Modification (TBM) healing session. Even within cardiac low back, your body reflects many layers of exhaustion and a highly trained medical intuitive healer such as myself can explain to you what your body is actually saying.
  2. Ask for a medical intuitive reading to identify which organ or organs are causing your cardiac low back. If your heart is stressed, the cause may be physical, as in chronic stress on a physical organ, such as your adrenal glands or some other organ. But you may also be experiencing chronic unresolved emotional stress. I can help you identify the emotional roots of your low back pain. Failure to identify your root cause – whether that cause is physical or emotional – may result in you constantly struggling with low back pain no matter how much yoga or core work you regularly practice.
  3. Support the organ that needs help, whether that be your heart itself, your adrenal glands or the other weakened organs that are placing stress on your heart. Support could include a nutritional supplement, a flower essence or other natural healing remedy.
  4. Resolve the ongoing emotional stress that has placed a burden on your heart. Remember that emotions can shut down literally any physiological process. You may dismiss how important this step is, thinking that your life isn’t all that difficult, but your body tells the truth all day long every day about what you are actually experiencing.
  5. Commit to life-regenerating practices that help to rebuild your personal chi. This may include therapeutic rest, meditation, qi gong, tai chi and yoga. You can join my classes for these practices by checking the schedule at this link.  Set up an appointment for Reiki hands-on healing. This month, I’m offering a Reiki special so call for more information.

For a medical intuitive reading, private lesson in therapeutic yoga, Total Body Modification, Reiki or more information about how you can finally clear your low back pain, call 678-612-8816 today or email

What is healing? Healing happens when we honor the wisdom of our body and heed its many cries for relief.