Clairaudience is your gift of psychic hearing.


  • Receives information through sounds, vibration, unspoken words and even music
  • Best gift for channeling
  • Ideal for public speakers to express what needs to be heard
  • Allows you to connect to your inner voice
  • Empowers you to listen to your angels
  • Like the gift of claircognizance, comes in very fast
  • Gives you the power to write from your soul, not just from your ego
  • Can be healed by sound and music
  • Clear and direct
  • Like clairsentience, picks up the vibration of situations, as all sound is a vibration
  • Best gift for quick and sudden warnings, i.e., hearing an inner voice “Watch out!”
  • Capable of telepathic communication
  • Can hear the thoughts of others
  • Can be healed by sound


  • Easily confused to be your own thoughts rather than divine guidance
  • May be so sensitive to vibration can be affected by extremely low frequency vibrations (ELFs)
  • Information comes so fast you may speak bluntly and brusquely unless you slow down to consider how to express yourself in a kind and thoughtful manner
  • Can be overloaded with too many thoughts and words all at once
  • May think you are crazy from hearing voices in your head
  • Hypersensitive to noise and even high intensity light vibrations

Energy center for receiving clairaudience:

  • 5th chakra

What helps you develop your clairaudience:

  • Meditation
  • Sitting quietly
  • Time alone to listen to your guidance
  • Using tuning forks to balance the sound energy in the body
  • Singing and vocal toning
  • Listening to Solfeggio harmonics, the frequencies of Gregorian chants
  • Listening to all kinds of music
  • Automatic writing by typing or scribbling so fast you outpace your ego mind
  • Asking your angels to speak to you and writing down what they say
  • Paying attention when thoughts, words or guidance suddenly appears to drop in

I remember years ago working with a client with life-long back pain due to polio as a child.

Because he was an ordained minister, at first I thought he would not be open to healing work, much less the full range of all I had to offer.

As it turned out, he was so determined to get better he was open to everything I had to say. Probably the fact that he saw himself getting better helped!

One day he was having a particularly hard time and I did a healing with him.

It turned out he was being affected by earthquakes in South America (I kid you not).

Even I had a hard time understanding that one at first, except that I understood that his primary psychic gift was clairaudience.

He was a powerful public speaker and intuitively understood how to speak from his soul.

Meanwhile, he was so sensitive to vibration that his physical body reacted to the earth shaking even continents away.

Personally, I love the blessing of my clairaudience because it makes my healing work so much easier.

“It’s the foot,” I will hear my angels directing me.

Why waste time figuring things out when I can just simply listen?

As an author, I use this gift when I write.

I literally wait until I hear what to write about.

I may be sound asleep, get woken up in the middle of the night and hear the title of a chapter or a phrase about a certain topic.

Sometimes I simply pray for guidance until I hear what to write about, then I get on my laptop and allow the words to pour forth.

For years, even at college, I remember being confused when I heard of other writers who were “finding their inner voice.”

I never needed to “find” my voice – mine practically never shuts up!

Because I know I am high in the gift of claircognizance and clairaudience, the two fastest of all the psychic gifts, I frequently receive a complete download of information and then I have to pause and consider how to relate what I have been gifted with so that I can express myself kindly to my clients.

I frequently warn my clients, “I am nice but blunt. Please understand that I am speaking for your highest good and have no intention of hurting your feelings in any way.”

One of my most powerful experiences of clairaudience came years ago.

I had been very sick for about a month, but one morning I woke up and I could literally hear my angels singing a Gregorian chant inside my head.

At that point, I knew I was well and that my illness had left me for good.

I felt as joyous as my angels singing anthems of praise and thanksgiving!