Claircognizance is your psychic gift of inner knowing.


  • Fastest of all the psychic gifts
  • Comes to you with little to no supporting information
  • Blesses you with information on subjects you know nothing about
  • Great for advance warning
  • Gets the big picture
  • Often referred to as the prophetic gift, as it gives you the power to predict, foresee and forecast
  • Good for knowing the advance moves of others
  • Ideal for personal protection to keep you out of dangerous situations
  • Ability to project your energy into any person, place or situation to know what is going on
  • You see the truth in situations despite how other people present themselves
  • Best psychic sense for solving problems
  • You just know stuff and other people come to you for advice because you can see what they can’t
  • Very curious about the world, open to all kinds of information, loves to learn
  • Good for reading the Akashic Records
  • Ability for astral projection
  • Can sense the world from both a micro and macro perspective, such as seeing organs within a body or seeing the world from street level
  • Spots opportunities ahead of time
  • Ability to communicate with angels and spiritual guides


  • Comes to you with either no supporting information or so little you may question yourself or others may question you
  • Often gets information way ahead of time before you are prepared to deal with it
  • So fast you may have to pay more attention about timing
  • You can be flooded with ideas and information
  • You have to slow down to communicate with others
  • People may think you are crazy or wrong because what you talk about hasn’t happened yet
  • You may appear brash or rude because you speak bluntly and directly
  • Tends to be ungrounded and have trouble connecting to the earth
  • Easy to dismiss the information that comes to you because it comes in so quickly and easily

Energy center for receiving claircognizance:

  • 7th chakra
  • All chakras above the crown of your head

What helps to develop your claircognizance: 

  • Meditation
  • Any activity that clears your mind to make the space for your intuitive guidance to drop in
  • Brain integration work to integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain
  • Deep relaxation
  • Getting into neutral, so you get your ego mind out of the way
  • Grounding activities, such as walking barefoot
  • Energy exercise such as yoga, tai chi or qi gong that open the crown chakra
  • Prayer and deep spiritual work
  • Getting off psychiatric medications, which cloud your mind
  • Setting your intention to align your will with divine will

When I first began studying healing work, my mentor in healing sent me to a woman who helps people identify their psychic gifts.

When you practice healing work, it’s important for you to understand how you receive information so you don’t second guess yourself.

Frankly, whatever you do, if you understand how you receive extraordinary information you will be much better off!

Discovering that my primary psychic gift is claircognizance gave me a huge “aha!” moment.

Suddenly so many things about myself suddenly made sense.

I understood why not only I had been Phi Beta Kappa at Brown, but also why I needed time alone to process all the many thoughts that come to me.

It suddenly made sense why I could stay out dancing the night before a test and then ace the exam.

The lady who taught me about my own psychic gifts explained that her husband, a mechanic, is also a prophetic.

People would bring their rare antique automobiles to him.

Instead of taking the engine apart, he would simply imagine the apparatus in his mind and mentally go straight to the problem. Then he would actually do the work and fix it.

I often think of the psychic gift of claircognizance like owning a Ferrari.

“If you don’t learn how to drive it properly, you can get in trouble in a hurry,” I explain.

If claircognizance is your primary psychic gift, slow down to learn how to operate this gift so you can enjoy being fast, thinking fast and living fast!