Clairsentience is your psychic gift of feeling.


  • Able to read the energy and emotions of others
  • Best psychic gift for picking up the vibe of any situation
  • Can read temperature, texture and the sensations of any person, place or thing
  • Great for reading the chi in different body organs
  • Ideal gift for massage therapists, Reiki masters and energy healers
  • Sensitive to the emotional state of others and able to respond appropriately
  • Good for knowing how to act in social situations
  • Makes you a great people person because you intuitively understand others
  • Improves sales performance as you can feel the buyer’s opinions
  • Best for hiring the right person for the job
  • Able to perform psychometry, the ability to read information by picking up objects owned by others
  • Naturally good with animals, small children and people not able to communicate through ordinary methods
  • Kind, naturally compassionate and thoughtful
  • Best psychic gift for Feng shui, arranging a home or office to balance the energy flow
  • Able to understand the psychological challenges of an individual or group
  • Empathetic and empathic
  • One of the easiest psychic gifts to develop


  • Confusion about whether or not how you feel is your actual emotion or the energy and reactions of other people
  • Can easily take on other people’s energy and emotions without realizing it
  • May have weak psychic boundaries
  • Unsure of your own thoughts and feelings
  • Need other people to be “up” so you can feel good also
  • You will need to maintain a high vibration yourself so you don’t become a magnet for negativity
  • Your mood can quickly shift because you pick up the energy around you
  • Low self esteem unless you develop a strong sense of yourself
  • You will need to interpret the energy and emotions you pick up
  • This is a nonverbal, qualitative gift
  • May have difficulty being in crowds
  • Can take on pain and suffering of others
  • Easily influenced by others thoughts and opinions
  • Codependent
  • Overly sensitive
  • Emotional basket case
  • May have digestive disorders and upset stomach due to overactive 3rd chakra
  • The slowest of all the psychic gifts

Energy center for receiving clairsentience:

  • 3rd chakra

What helps to develop your clairsentience: 

  • Spend time alone at least three times a day to ask yourself how you feel
  • If your energy or emotion shift after that, ask if you have picked up the vibe from somebody else
  • Wear purple bracelets on your wrists to keep from picking up energy from others, especially if you practice hands-on healing
  • Cocoon yourself to protect your energy. Read how at this blog
  • Pick up an object owned by somebody else and read the story it has to tell
  • Place your hands on a body and set your intention to feel the chi in various organs
  • Pray to be drawn to the most high vibration location in any office, room or home
  • Feel the beat of music
  • Bring your hands to face each other about 12 inches apart, feeling the soft cotton-like energy between your hands
  • Practice tai chi and qi gong
  • Walk on the beach to feel your own energy field expand
  • Take a hot bath with equal parts Epsom salts and baking soda to clear your energy field daily, especially if you have a job where you work with the public, such as sales, teaching, healing work or psychotherapy
  • Practice getting into neutral, where your own emotions step out of the way
  • Pay attention to your gut feelings
  • Value your own emotional intelligence
  • Give yourself time to feel all your emotions
  • Take good care of your digestion, learning what foods agree with your body and slowing down to eat your meals in a relaxed setting
  • Do not eat when you feel upset or you will mix the bad emotions into your food and have difficulty digesting
  • When you are getting dressed, look at your clothes and ask what you need to wear to feel comfortable throughout the day
  • If you find yourself around negativity, visualize a fire hydrant at your 3rd chakra projecting energy outwards so you do not take anything on
  • Visualize a person, place or thing in your own 3rd chakra to analyze how they feel
  • Project your energy ahead into your day to notice how you will feel in each planned event

It’s my experience that people high in the psychic gift of clairsentience are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

I have never seen a single one of my clairsentient clients ever intentionally hurt anybody else.

They are so dialed in to the energy and emotions of others that they naturally know how to act, what to say and how to uplift everybody else.

Their downside can be that they don’t think they are very smart and can tend to low self esteem, but I always reassure them that in my mind emotional intelligence is the most valuable gift.

Although I myself as a prophetic person high in claircognizance am very very fast, I always tell my feeler clients that fast isn’t necessarily better, it’s just a speed.

If clairsentience is your primary psychic gift, take time to appreciate yourself for the kindness you contribute to the world.